With New Conspiracy Looming, GOP Congressman Hints that Speaker Paul Ryan May Soon Do the ‘Unthinkable

Paul Ryan is about to resign as Speaker of the House, says fellow Republican Congressman Mark Amodei. So exactly what is going on here? Is this real, and why is Amodei saying this publicly right now? We can give insight into at least a few of those answers.

Amodei is just calling Ryan’s resignation a “rumor” he’s hearing, but we should call this what it is. Congress members don’t just walk around spreading gossip to the media they heard about their party’s Speaker resigning, if they believe it’s just gossip. There is no way a Republican Congressman would publicly suggest something so serious unless he either thinks it’s true, or he’s involved trying to make sure it happens. So let’s look at what else went down with Republicans recently.

The out-of-the-blue story about Paul Ryan resigning, which was first reported by the respectable Ralston Reports, is coming just after an Associated Press report saying that Mueller’s cooperating witness George Nader moved millions of dollars in foreign bribes from the United Arab Emirates directly into the pockets of Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy. The important detail that the media has mostly overlooked: Broidy is Deputy Finance Chairman of the RNC as well. Which means that millions in illegal bribes flowed through the Republican Party’s top money man, and there are many reasons to ask how many Republican members of Congress might have taken an illegal cut of that money, and who among the GOP’s leaders were aware of it.

Now, right after all the crooks in the Republican Congress found out that Mueller has the guilty individuals totally nailed in the UAE bribery conspiracy, suddenly a Republican Congressperson is saying openly that the Republican Speaker will quit soon. This might be a coincidence, but it certainly doesn’t feel like one. Of course, the question is whether this means that Ryan is guilty and the Republicans are trying to hurry and force him out prior to a huge load hitting the fan, or if the other members of the Republican party are guilty, and they’re attempting to hurry up and take the House leadership so they will be in a better position to defend themselves against the truth.

Something major is happening within the Republican Party. Congress members don’t go around publicly speaking about how their party’s Speaker of the House will quit soon unless they have an excellent reason to be saying things like that. The real question here is what’s really behind this. Considering how quickly the details of the UAE bribery conspiracy are hitting the media, it may not take very long for the worst details to the surface – like who within the Republican party is tied to that money.