Trump’s Russia Defense Has Just Been Blown To Pieces After FISA Warrant Release

Last night, adding to all the other things that have gone wrong for President Donald Trump during this last week, the original FISA application for a surveillance warrant against Carter Page, his campaign adviser, was publicly released. The document vindicated the FBI and blew up the whole defense narrative Team Trump had been pushing in the Trump-Russia controversy. Unsurprisingly, this morning, Trump went ballistic about it.

The application proves the FBI had good reasons to investigate if Carter Page was serving Russia as a foreign agent, shown by a federal judge being willing to approve it. It also exposes Devin Nunes, Intel Chairman of the House, and close Trump ally, for lying flat out about how the FBI acquired the evidence that is used for the application. The probe into Trump-Russia is not a witch hunt, and the warrant hadn’t involved controversial evidence.

The next morning, Trump made this bizarre, clearly false, claim that literally had no basis in fact: “Looking more & more like the Trump Campaign for President was illegally being spied upon (surveillance) for the political gain of Crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC.” He then quoted a host from Fox News who had fabricated an utter lie concerning the FISA warrant. Then he quoted a pro-Trump propagandist who insisted the judge that approved the warrant should be investigated.

So now Trump is attempting to get back at the judges that have signed off on the probe into the endless crimes he has committed. Just for this, he deserves to be impeached, removed, and imprisoned as he awaits criminal trial. This release of the FISA warrant still doesn’t tell us whether or not Carter Page is guilty; the legal process must determine that. Now it’s fairly clear, however, that Devin Nunes will be imprisoned for obstructing justice.