Trump’s Just Overreacted Again to ‘All Time Biggest’ Political Scandal

Donald Trump, hardly a history major, needs to understand presidential scandals more deeply – because the Republican keeps finding new ‘Watergates’ at every turn.

The current president says, Uranium One, as an example, is Watergate.  And so is Trump Tower’s non-existent wiretapping. Trump has told us Benghazi is “bigger than Watergate.” Even more, Trump wrote in 2012 that Joe Arpaio investigating Barack Obama’s birth certificate “could dwarf Watergate.”

The President said in March that the Justice Department investigating his campaign is “bigger than Watergate,” and fired up by conservative media, he added yesterday the FBI planted an “informant” in his political team, which he called – of course – “bigger than Watergate!”

He really can’t recall any other historical controversies worth referencing?

Nevertheless, this morning Trump kept playing with his shiny conspiracy theory.

President Donald Trump on Friday quoted a claim that the Department of Justice put a “spy” inside his presidential campaign as part of an effort to “frame” him for “crimes” he “didn’t commit.”

“ ‘Apparently the DOJ put a Spy in the Trump Campaign. This has never been done before and by any means necessary, they are out to frame Donald Trump for crimes he didn’t commit,’” Trump wrote in a tweet Friday morning, quoting Fox Business Network anchor David Asman. He also tagged FBN anchor Lou Dobbs and Fox News Channel anchor Gregg Jarrett. He added, “Really bad stuff!”

President Trump soon added he thinks this might be the “all-time biggest political scandal,” which may be more convincing if his most recent claims weren’t so questionable and all the other time’s Trump claimed he’d exposed the all-time biggest political scandal weren’t nonsense.

This morning, Rudy Giuliani – still Trump’s attorney, for some reason – claimed to have a secret source about a potential spy the Justice Department planted in the President’s campaign, but like the Washington Post  said, Giuliani “admitted that he and the president do not know if that’s true or not.”

Well, Rudy, it seems that Trump is pretty convinced.

Media Matters explained the backstory of Trump’s new theory, while the Washington Post explained the relationship between the President’s latest push and the GOP push to uncover a source from the FBI – a move intelligence officials from the U.S. warn would pose a highly dangerous threat.

As the story unfolds, and the President keeps throwing occasional tantrums, one detail must be kept in mind: if federal law enforcement planted a “spy” in Trump’s political teams in a scheme to derail the candidacy of the GOP, wouldn’t they have disclosed to voters pre-election there was a probe into Trump’s campaign?

Approaching 2016’s Election Day, Americans had heard a lot about the Hillary Clinton email investigation, but voters had no clue Trump World was under far more serious probe.

It’s almost like the concept of the FBI hatching a scheme to ruin Trump’s candidacy is ridiculous in itself.