Starbucks Driving Conservatives Crazy

On Monday, Starbucks announced it will no longer use plastic straws in any of its stores across the globe.

The coffee giant said it wants to stop using all plastic single-use straws by 2020, and instead will cover cold beverages with lids that don’t need a straw.

In a release, the company stated that customers will be able to request paper or compostable straws, which they will serve with their blended Frappuccino beverages.

Starbucks predicts it will get rid of over 1 billion straws per year.

CEO and president of Starbucks Kevin Johnson said the move was a “significant milestone to achieve our global aspiration of sustainable coffee, served to our customers in more sustainable ways.”

Earlier, the company announced a 10 million dollar effort to create and begin using a “fully recyclable and compostable hot cup.”

Starbucks announced it will start using the strawless caps in stores in Vancouver and Seattle by the fall, and will expand to the United States and Canada, then other locations around the world, in 2019.

Starbucks is the most recent company to ban straws while awareness of ocean pollution and marine life being harmed around the world increases. Earlier this year, McDonald’s announced it would no longer use plastic straws in its Ireland and United Kingdom locations.

Theresa May, Prime Minister of U.K., also declared a nationwide ban on plastic straws to try and get rid of plastic waste by the year 2042.

In the United States, Seattle became the first big city to ban straws and utensils made of plastic, following many smaller cities and businesses across the nation.