Robert Mueller Just Made Giuliani Look Like a Fool

When Rudy Giuliani said yesterday that Special Counsel Mueller had informed him that a President cannot be indicted, it was obvious that Rudy was lying. It was not possible for Robert Mueller to have told Rudy Giuliani that. Sure enough, we have confirmation now that Rudy is a liar, because he is completely changing his story. Now it’s about Mueller refusing to say something to Giuliani.

First came Giuliani’s confession that Robert Mueller never said to him that Trump isn’t allowed to be indicted while in office. Giuliani is claiming now that an anonymous member of Mueller’s team told it to Trump’s other lawyer Jay Sekulow, who is currently out of the country and thus not available for comment, which is a very convenient coincidence. Back in reality, no one working for Mueller’s team would have said that to anyone who is on Trump’s team. But Giuliani’s weird lie about Robert Mueller is nothing next to what Rudy is admitting now: he can’t even get Robert Mueller to talk to him at all.

Rudy Giuliani says that during the brief time that he’s been representing Trump, he has written two letters to Mueller, and he has not gotten any response to either letter. Our guess is that Robert Mueller is still scratching his head while trying to figure out what the hell Giuliani’s gibberish letters mean. But although Mueller is basically telling Rudy to screw off, Rudy should not take that personally. Before he took control of Trump’s legal team, the Trump attorneys before him wrote three letters to Mueller, none of those got answered, either.

Where does this leave things? We have confirmation that Mueller never said that a sitting President is not indictable. We knew that before Giuliani began taking back his own stupid lie. We also know Mueller doesn’t feel pressure to reply to the letters that Trump’s attorneys keep writing him – a reminder that Mr. Mueller holds all of the cards, while Donald Trump and his cronies are just whining like babies about how badly they are losing.