Robert Mueller Aiming to Hit Donald Trump Where it Hurts the Most

In the past two days, we have discovered Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s aggressive, sudden subpoenaing of Traitor Trump’s business associates as well as his seizing of Paul Manafort’s bank accounts last year. The first shows the comprehensive manner in which Mueller intends to expose each aspect of Trump’s destructive criminal life, not just how he stole the election. The second, which Mueller just now decided to include in court papers, might be the true story.

It’s hard to understand why Mueller chose now to publicize that he seized Manafort’s monetary assets six months ago. This was unnecessary from a trail and prosecution perspective because Manafort must already be aware of this. However, we’ve seen several times that Mueller tends to toss details into his court filings which appear timed to convey certain messages.

Mueller boasting about his past Trump-Russia asset seizures sticks out as he zooms in on Trump’s business associates. The fact that he just subpoenaed them in a huge criminal investigation shows that he is eager to take away their dirty money. Mueller is interrogating these partners about the interactions they’ve had with Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, and Mueller wants to go after Cohen’s money if it was obtained in an illegal manner. Cohen doesn’t seem to have assets to be seized, though, considering how he took out a home equity loan simply to pay Stormy Daniels.

This point is directed at one individual: President Trump. Robert Mueller is clearly communicating that he will seize any of Trump’s illegally-obtained assets. Mueller is not in the best legal position do so because if he were, he’d being doing it instead of telling the world about it. The major puzzle in this situation is the fact that Mueller wants Trump to know about his plans.

The most reasonable theory is Robert Mueller has thought tirelessly about how and when to force Donald Trump’s resignation from the stolen presidency. Mueller appears to be threatening that upon Trump’s refusal to leave office after being proven guilty, he will start taking away his money and properties. Trump will end up losing it all anyway – but don’t tell him that. He could mistakenly believe that the chances of maintaining his assets are greater if he resigns sooner, and Robert Mueller seems to be pushing him in that direction.