Starbucks Driving Conservatives Crazy

On Monday, Starbucks announced it will no longer use plastic straws in any of its stores across the globe.

The coffee giant said it wants to stop using all plastic single-use straws by 2020, and instead will cover cold beverages with lids that don’t need a straw.

In a release, the company stated that customers will be able to request paper or compostable straws, which they will serve with their blended Frappuccino beverages.

Starbucks predicts it will get rid of over 1 billion straws per year.

CEO and president of Starbucks Kevin Johnson said the move was a “significant milestone to achieve our global aspiration of sustainable coffee, served to our customers in more sustainable ways.”

Earlier, the company announced a 10 million dollar effort to create and begin using a “fully recyclable and compostable hot cup.”

Starbucks announced it will start using the strawless caps in stores in Vancouver and Seattle by the fall, and will expand to the United States and Canada, then other locations around the world, in 2019.

Starbucks is the most recent company to ban straws while awareness of ocean pollution and marine life being harmed around the world increases. Earlier this year, McDonald’s announced it would no longer use plastic straws in its Ireland and United Kingdom locations.

Theresa May, Prime Minister of U.K., also declared a nationwide ban on plastic straws to try and get rid of plastic waste by the year 2042.

In the United States, Seattle became the first big city to ban straws and utensils made of plastic, following many smaller cities and businesses across the nation.

Conservatives Are Starting To Cave In To Trump On Collusion Charges

How can one tell if the Russia scandal’s seriousness has intensified? When allies of Donald Trump find out they must move the goal posts once more.

For example, last week, Andrew McCarthy from National Review insisted on Fox News that nothing is necessarily wrong with the possibility of Trump’s political operation has asked a foreign adversary for help in winning a presidential election.

“Look, I don’t think that it’s bad if campaigns are turning to foreign governments for dirt. It’s not collusion, it’s not something that’s impeachable, it’s icky. But that’s what this is.”

One day later, Mollie Hemingway from The Federalist wrote, “I don’t have a problem [with] getting dirt on election opponents from foreigners,” adding later that it’s pretty much the same thing as using the Steele dossier.

Tucker Carlson from Fox News was quick to endorse the line and told viewers that “Nobody is claiming that any information changed hands, though, even if it did, so what?”

This might not have been avoidable, but that doesn’t mean the new talking point is any less pathetic.

First of all, if getting assistance for a campaign from foreign adversaries is entirely okay, then why has Trump spent so much of his time and energy making up lies about it? If the accusation in question is basically meaningless, then why didn’t Trump argue this months before?

Second of all, people who constantly feel like moving the goalposts are almost always the losers in an argument. The original line Trump World and its allies gave was Russia did not attack our elections. Soon, the evolution came along: Alright, Russia might have attacked, but Trump’s campaign wasn’t in contact with our adversaries while they attacked. Alright, they might have been in contact, but they didn’t talk about the campaign. Alright, Team Trump might have spoken about the campaign to our adversaries while they attacked, but is that actually that bad?


When it comes to comparing the Steele dossier with Russia’s attack, it’s so embarrassingly weak that I’m slightly surprised that conservatives would seriously consider the line. There is a measurable difference between a team of researchers using sources to put an oppo report together and a foreign government that uses military intelligence officers to steal materials and weaponize them to put an ally in power.

People who view these two activities identically are either confused deeply or they are not making their argument in good faith.

White House Gets Caught in Lie…Giuliani Scrambles for Damage Control

On Monday, Rudy Giuliani, Trump lawyer, said that last summer the White House lied when representatives denied the fact that President Trump dictated a statement addressing a meeting his son had with an attorney from Russia in the campaign of 2016, despite now declaring he did.

Chris Cuomo from CNN asked Giuliani why he believed Jay Sekulow, Trump’s lawyer, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Press Secretary of the White House “chose to lie” about President Trump crafting the statement about the Trump Tower meeting.

“You think maybe somebody could’ve made a mistake?” Giuliani defensively replied.

always that somebody — you think that Jay Sekulow lied?” he asked. “Maybe he just got it wrong, like I got a few things wrong at the beginning of the investigation.”

Last July, Sekulow denied the President’s involvement with the statement.

And last August, Sanders said Trump might have helped with it “as any father would,” but reaffirmed he did not dictate it.

On Monday, Giuliani defended them both but emphasized that a statement released later on the subject was true.

“I have no idea how they got it wrong, but they got it wrong. I don’t think either one of them is ever going to deliberately lie,” he claimed.

On Saturday, The New York Times that Trump’s attorneys contacted Special Counsel Robert Mueller during January to declared Trump’s power over Mueller’s probe.

They also confirmed in the letter that the President dictated a statement about the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 among Donald Trump Jr., other campaign aides to Trump, and an attorney from Russia who offered damaging information regarding Hillary Clinton.

On Monday, Sanders faced many questions about the changing story but refused to address a single one. Instead, she referred them to Trump’s lawyers.

In the past, Sanders has told reporters that she lacked the correct information when she made her initial comments to explain misstatements. She hasn’t made such a claim about the statement regarding the Trump Tower meeting.

Giuliani has pointed to the statement’s changing explanation to push his position that Trump should deny Mueller an interview.

He has also made headlines after Sunday morning when he insisted the President can pardon himself while accepting that it would probably end in impeachment.

The former Mayor of New York City was asked Monday if he was concerned that his choice to represent Trump was ruining his legacy.

He sarcastically replied, “Every night I stay up all night worried about that.”

“No, I have a clear conscience. I’m doing my job as a lawyer,” he added. “I am a lawyer and it’s my job to defend my client. I’m proud of what I’m doing. I’m proud of my client.”

Democrat Senator Makes Gruesome Discovery at Border Detention Center

On Wednesday, Senator of Oregon Jeff Merkley described a border detention camp he’d seen.

“What you have is cyclone fencing and fence posts that look like cages,” he said to Alisyn Camerota on CNN’s “New Day.”

“They look like the way you would construct a dog kennel.”

In the past, Merkley has drawn similar comparisons, and he was talking about a Texas migrant processing center he had visited.

A response the Department of Justice hit made denied the comparison, claiming they don’t trap people in cages.

“These short-term facilities do not employ the use of ‘cages’ to house unaccompanied minors, but portions of the facility make use of barriers in order to separate minors of different genders and age groups,” stated the department.

On CNN, Merkley responded by explaining the phrase “dog cages” shook the department.

“Well, it’s just a matter of them not being comfortable with that term to describe it. They’re big boxes made out of wire and fence posts. Call them whatever you want,” the Oregon senator reasoned.

Merkley made his remarks only days after a Brownsville, Texas immigration detention facility denied him entry on Sunday.

“I was barred entry. I asked repeatedly to speak to a supervisor—he finally came out and said he can’t tell us anything. Police were called on us,” Merkley tweeted.

According to The Hill, an Administration for Children and Families representative said they barred Merkley entry to protect safety and security.

“United States Senator Jeff Merkley (OR-D), along with five other individuals, attempted to enter an unaccompanied alien children’s (UAC) shelter unannounced and broadcast live via social media last night in Texas. Thankfully for the safety, security, and dignity of the children being cared for there, they were denied access. The Department of Health and Human Services takes the legal mandate to care for these children seriously. No one who arrives unannounced at one of our shelters demanding access to the children in our care will be permitted, even those claiming to be U.S. Senators,” the spokesperson stated.

“Senator Merkley should respect the UAC program and engage in the appropriate processes, as many of his colleagues have done before him, to visit ORR facilities. We would welcome him to engage in that process so that he may visit the facility to make headway on this important issue, rather than just headlines.”

Merkley made his visit to bring attention to the Trump administration’s policy which criminally charges adults trying to illegally cross the border. While waiting for their charges to process under the policy, parents are ripped away from their kids.

Trump’s administration has claimed the policy will stop people from illegally crossing borders, but Democrats have pointed out how inhumane it is.

Donald Trump has responded by blaming the policy on Democrats, saying they need to get their act together about the issue.

Ben Carson Actually Believes These Draconian Policies are Good for Low Income Americans

The unqualified Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Ben Carson is defending his heartless proposal to weaken HUD programs involving low-income housing subsidies which would triple the rent for some recipients for $50 to $150. When someone is making, say, $900 a month, $100 less a month is a serious problem, and Ben Carson doesn’t seem to understand or care.

“It is our attempt to give poor people a way out of poverty,” Carson lied to Fox News during an interview, lying that the program’s work requirements and the destructive rent spikes will “incentivize people” to support themselves, something they are already trying to do and Carson is making harder.

Carson’s proposed legislation would increase from 30 percent to 35 percent the proportion of income that Americans who are on housing assistance pay for their housing. It would force recipients to make the money with at least 15 hours of work, paid at the federal minimum wage, $7.25.

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman, Representative Cedric Richmond (D-La.) condemned the proposal as the “latest example of the Trump administration’s war on poor people,” and he said it is both “immoral” and “ill-advised.”

“I would say it’s just the opposite,” Carson said idiotically, lying that his hateful plan will be received well for the most part, if not by “hysterical people who are saying, ‘These people hate you and they’re trying to balance the budget on your back and they don’t care.,’” Carson said, insulting his good-hearted opponents and dishonestly misrepresenting the plan as something that has anything to do with balancing the budget when the deficit is $665 billion a year.

The evil proposal referred to as the Making Affordable Housing Work Act comes due to a push from the Trump administration in its corrupt 2019 budget to “encourage work and self-sufficiency” for the recipients of housing subsidies.

Carson has heartlessly lied that the housing welfare system is currently “broken” and that his department is “removing all those kinds of perverse disincentives” which keep people trapped in poverty. (Obviously, helping people in poverty doesn’t trap them in poverty, it works to do the opposite. Most likely, all of Carson’s brain space is taken up by his neurosurgeon knowledge, causing him to a complete idiot in every other possible way.)

Carson also lied that the proposal is going to “incentivize people” with work requirements.

Carson noted that people in Detroit, which is where he grew up, saying “they were trapped in a system” and his proposal will help them to get out. Carson, unfortunately, is a powerful man, and he is using it to hurt people and then lying that is to help them. He just doesn’t get it.

Supreme Court Judge Just Smacked Donald Trump Right Where it Hurts Most

judge in New York has decided that residents of Trump Place, which is a condominium building located on Manhattan’s West Side, are allowed to remove the Trump name from their building if enough residents approve it.

The ruling made by Eileen Bransten, a New York Supreme Court Judge, marks a major defeat for the real estate company, the Trump Organization, which argued that taking off the name violates the building’s licensing agreement.

Trump Organization has had to deal with more and more commercial and residential buildings, even several outside the United States, that want to take Trump’s name off their building.

In New York, many other apartment buildings near the Hudson River have done the same. The Trump Soho, which is a condo-hotel that opened with much fanfare a decade ago, is now called the Dominick.

Trump Place hasn’t said that it will for sure change its name, but it wanted the judge to decide that it was allowed to. Most residents who voted in the straw poll said that they favored renaming the building.

After Thursday’s decision, Harry Lipman, the lawyer for the building, didn’t say whether the building’s board would now move forward with a vote, but he did say of the decision, “We’re pleased, obviously.”

“The reality is, it’s the best-run building. It’s unbelievable. Every member of the staff. There’s no better place in the world to raise a family,” Holub explained.

Still, she wishes that it was named something besides Trump.

“Look, I can’t stand Donald Trump. I’m sorry he’s the president. I don’t support his policies,” she said.

The view is common among residents of Trump buildings all across Manhattan, like the 72-story Trump World Tower, which is on the East Side, close to the United Nations.

“I have to explain to everybody who comes to visit me that I’m sorry about the name on the building, that I live there doesn’t constitute any kind of endorsement,” complained James Tufenkian, who owns a New York carpet firm and lives in Trump World Tower.

The trend to de-Trump buildings is a reflection of political reality: New York is the place that Donald Trump calls home and where he made his fortune, but Trump is distinctly unpopular in most of New York City and he lost the 2016 presidential election to Hillary Clinton in the city by a landslide.

There are indications that his unpopularity is lowering the value of his many properties.

One business official who has deep knowledge about the real estate industry, and who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of losing business, believes there’s no question that Trump apartments are staying on the market much longer than they did before his disastrous presidency.

Even Trump Tower has fewer sales this year than during previous periods in the years 2016 and 2017, he explained.

However, there are signs that other Trump buildings in NYC are losing value.

The online brokerage company Zumper has studied the rental prices in Trump buildings. Nathan Tondow, who is managing broker at the company’s New York office, says that in most cases, building with the Trump name now fetch slightly lower rents and stay on the market much longer than they would have two years ago.

“We’ve had rental clients who didn’t want to see buildings because they did have the Trump name on them. And we tried to explain that it is owned by someone else. It’s just the Trump name. And they say, “I know. But walking into that every day just feels wrong.”

Trump Attempting to Blame Democrats for His Own Massive Failure

Trump is telling more of his trademark lies. On Monday, President Trump again hypocritically blamed Democrats for the lack of a deal regarding the recipients of the DACA program.

“DACA is dead because the Democrats didn’t care or act, and now everyone wants to get onto the DACA bandwagon… No longer works,” Trump lied on Twitter.

“Must build Wall and secure our borders with proper Border legislation. Democrats want No Borders, hence drugs and crime!”

The evil president has previously lied that Democrats had “abandoned” the DACA program, which protects certain immigrants who were brought to America illegally as children from being deported.

Trump said last year he would get rid of the program but gave Congress a window of time to make a legislative fix.

A court decision prevented Trump from stopping the program and ended the deadline pressure, and right now an appeals court is looking at the ruling, which might take several months. For now, DACA stays.

The racist president on Sunday announced there would be “NO MORE DACA DEAL,” and saying the racist Republican party should “pass tough laws now.”

“Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the Border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release. Getting more dangerous. ‘Caravans’ coming,” Trump rambled insanely. “Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL!”

Trump threatened to veto in March an omnibus spending bill regarding the issue, lying that “the 800,000 plus DACA recipients have been totally abandoned by the Democrats (not even mentioned in Bill) and the BORDER WALL, which is desperately needed for our National Defense, is not fully funded.”

Trump has idiotically called for a wall to be built on the U.S.-Mexico border for almost two years now, a signature racist promise in his 2016 campaign.

GOP in Panic…Governor Warns of ‘Blue Wave’ Coming in 2018

Normally, a state Supreme Court election wouldn’t get national attention, but the recent contest in Wisconsin was far more than a local affair.

Liberal judge Rebecca Dallet’s runaway victory in a Wisconsin Supreme Court race cheered Democrats eager for more evidence their party is ready for a winning fall in midterm elections.

And Dallet’s hammering of conservative judge Michael Screnock on Tuesday prodded Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who had endorsed Screnock, to warn his fellow Republicans that more losses could be coming.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote that her victory was “the first time in 23 years that a liberal candidate who wasn’t an incumbent won a seat on the high court.” And it wasn’t close: as of the most recent tally, Dallet won this race by almost 12 points.

Scott Walker, the anti-American corporate puppet who is trying for a third term in 2018, pointed to the outcome as evidence that a “blue wave” is coming to Wisconsin.

Walker is right to worry. Back in January, a Democratic won a state Senate special election which took place in a district where Donald Trump led by 17 points, beating a Republican who had considerable support from the awful party and its white supremacist far-right allies.

By most measures, however, this election mattered even more.

Conservatives have had a five-member majority in the seven-judge Wisconsin Supreme Court, however, a conservative retirement created an empty seat – and an opportunity for Democrats. While state court elections are officially non-partisan, conservatives rallied behind the Sauk County Circuit Judge Michael Screnock, who is a far-right fascist judge originally appointed by corporate puppet Scott Walker.

Rebecca Dallet, a Milwaukee County Circuit Judge was championed by the state and national Democratic leaders – such as Joe Biden and Eric Holder – who wanted to turn this election into a major 2018 proxy war.

It worked. Rebecca Dallet won by almost 12 points and the state court’s evil conservative majority has a 4-3 advantage now, instead of 5-2.

In the future, Wisconsin – a state that Donald Trump barely won, thanks to Russia rigging the election – has two other state legislative special elections approaching, races that the GOP governor didn’t want to schedule until the courts forced him to.

The right has attacked Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) with a vicious vengeance, seeing her as being vulnerable in this red-ish state. It’s a good bet that the incumbent senator, who supported Rebecca Dallet’s candidacy, is happy with the latest results in Wisconsin.

Mueller Suspects Election was Rigged in Multiple States…Closing in on Suspects

Ever since it was first reported that Russia rigged the 2016 election, the Trump administration and their terrible supporters have lied that even if Russia hacked into the DNC and then spread disinformation, no votes were actually changed as a result, and therefore it didn’t change the result of the election.

However, we now have a New York magazine report which suggests that the Russian efforts with the help of the treasonous Trump campaign directly influenced voters in two swing states at least, Michigan and Wisconsin.  The report says:

“Mueller’s team is trying to determine if members of the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee, who worked together on the digital arm of Trump’s campaign, provided assistance to Russian trolls attempting to influence voters. It’s the latest scare for Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, who managed the digital campaign and has already come under scrutiny by the special counsel for his foreign contacts.

Mueller’s move appears to concern the disproportionate targeting of swing districts by Russian trolls during the presidential campaign. CNN reported in October that ads placed by Russia-linked Facebook accounts targeted Michigan and Wisconsin in particular, with many ‘geared at swaying public opinion in the most heavily contested battlegrounds.’”

More disturbing for the White House is that social media experts don’t believe that Russian hackers could have known which voters in crucial districts to target with their online trolling efforts and clearly must have had help from people in the Trump campaign:

“The leading suspects at this point are Kushner and Brad Parscale, the head of Cambridge Analytica, a data-mining firm that worked closely with the campaign.”

If members of the Trump team really did assist Russian hackers or other agents working for the Kremlin, that would prove once and for all that there was an illegal conspiracy against the United States to make sure that Trump won the presidency. And that would finally prove that the 2016 race was stolen. And we could finally see our “president” in prison, where he belongs.

Donald Trump’s Hiring of John Bolton Isn’t About What You Think

For fourteen months, as Trump’s presidency has gotten worse and his scandals have grown, some have consistently predicted that Donald Trump would begin a war to be a distraction. When Trump hired the enthusiastic warmonger and sociopath, John Bolton, last week, most people assumed it was tog et ready for war. Now we’re finding out that the timing of John Bolton’s hiring, and the pick of Bolton in particular, is for a different reason.

Trump announced the John Bolton hire six days after Facebook declared that it had found out that the Trump campaign’s voter data company Cambridge Analytica had stolen user data from 50 million Facebook users in the election. Those two things didn’t seem to be related. But now we know Cambridge Analytica is connected to election bribery, blackmail and lied-about meetings with Russian officials, and that John Bolton has long been flush with Cambridge Analytica cash. Now it makes sense: Trump hired Bolton, perhaps at the orders of Cambridge Analytica financial supporters the Mercers, as a way of attempting to keep Bolton on their team as criminal investigators go after the firm.

In hindsight, we should have predicted this when Trump hired John Bolton. His other moves recently have involved promoting the U.S. intel community fixer and criminal Mike Pompeo to Secretary of State and bringing on his campaign’s criminal data man Brad Parscale to be in charge of his (imaginary) 2020 reelection campaign. It’s obvious that Trump is hiring his allies and his co-conspirators in the Trump-Russia treason scandal, or at least the people who haven’t yet made plea deals against him, to keep them nearby as a defensive measure.

There’s no looking past Bolton’s status as a murder-loving evil warmonger who has long had the insane and dangerous belief that both North Korea and Iran ought to be invaded. This godless monster would be a disturbing and bad choice to be National Security Adviser if he wasn’t tied to the Trump-Russia treason scandal. But the truth is this: Donald Trump has been in office for over a year, and while he has long talked tough regarding North Korea and Iran, nothing has happened.

Trump tried to play it safe with small military actions like Yemen, Niger, and Syria, and even those military actions have blown up in his stupid ugly face. Trump also has no political muscle left as his presidency disintegrates, and while the Republicans have allowed his insane personal antics and past and present crimes to go unchecked, there isn’t any reason to think the party would let him start a war that would be hung around the Republican party’s neck in the 2018 midterm elections. Even with the Bolton hiring, Trump won’t try to start a war. But there is every reason to think that Bolton was brought on because this Cambridge Analytica scandal is blowing up.