More Big Trump-Russia Problems For Pence

Mike Pence has had a difficult couple of weeks. He had been trying to stay hidden during Donald Trump’s implosion, so he could safely inherit the presidency once Trump loses the presidency, whether via impeachment, the 25th amendment, or resignation. But then the anonymous New York Times piece came out which exposed that Donald Trump is dangerously senile and stupid, and many people accused Pence of helping to author it. Now Pence has a whole new problem with a very different – and criminal – nature.

We all witnessed Mike Pence lying about the Russian connections of Michael Flynn, the National Security Adviser, shortly before Michael Flynn was exposed and then ousted. Since that time Michael Flynn has made a plea deal, and due to requirement, has shared every single thing that he knows with Special Counsel Mueller. Mueller may already have Mike Pence nailed for felony obstruction of justice. However, this latest trouble involves someone else: Paul Manafort.

ABC News reported that Manafort has agreed to a plea deal and will spill his guts to Robert Mueller. So how exactly does this involve Mike Pence? Back when Manafort was running the terrible Trump campaign, he went to great (and highly manipulative) lengths to get Donald Trump to choose Mike Pence as his vice-presidential candidate. Two years ago, CBS News reported that Paul Manafort literally pretended that Donald Trump’s plane was having serious mechanical problems, just so that he would have more time to convince Donald Trump to go with Mike Pence.

There was really no legitimate reason for Manafort to have been so intent on picking Pence, whose approval rating as the Governor of Indiana was so insanely low, he was not even bothering to run for reelection. If Paul Manafort believed that Trump should have an evangelical running mate, better options were available than Pence. The move made no sense, at least from outside, non-colluding-with-Russia perspective. We have since learned that Paul Manafort was under the firm financial control of an ultra-wealthy Russian oligarch during the 2016 election. If the Kremlin told Paul Manafort to go with Mike Pence as VP, then Manafort is going to tell Mueller why that was – and that’s horrible news for Mike Pence.