Latest Trump Poll Shows There Is Hope for America Afterall

Most young Americans are against President Trump‘s white supremacist agenda and most of them say he is “racist,” “dishonest” and “unfit” to be our president, says a poll released on Friday by The Associated Press.

Only 33% of Americans 15 to 34 approve of the evil president’s “performance” in office, which is 9 points lower than an average of all the adults in the same poll taken this month.

More than 6 in 10 of these young Americans say that Trump “is a racist” and “generally dishonest,” while 60% exactly say, very accurately, that he is “mentally unfit” to be president.

It also shows strong support for progressive causes in this age bracket, like 60% who want our government to actually fight climate change and 67% who would like a health-care system where “the government provides health insurance to all Americans.”

Over half also say they are against Trump’s racist campaign promise to build a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Almost 70% say undocumented immigrants ought to be given away to obtain legal citizenship in the U.S.

The Republican tax plan that Trump signed into law in December did poorly with young adults as well, with just 22% support of younger Americans as opposed to 40% who said they are against the government being run by corporations and rich people for their benefit at the expense of everyone else.

These numbers come in spite of Trump’s surprising performance with young voters in the 2016 presidential election. Trump got about a third of the millennial vote in 2016. Trump got 37% of young voters, while the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won 55%, a 5-point-smaller gap than ex-President Obama won against Mitt Romney back in 2012.