Ivanka Trump Taking the Low, Dark Road. Is She Manipulating Daddy?

Following the New York Times op-ed written by an unnamed senior member in the Trump White House who revealed that President Donald Trump is mentally incompetent and dangerous, we’ve watched Donald Trump’s world steadily fall apart. Trump has become disturbingly obsessed with the author’s identity while he rips his administration apart because of it. The only thing that was missing was Ivanka Trump jumping into the op-ed fray to make the whole thing worse. But that’s just happened.

Ivanka Trump and her criminal husband Jared Kushner have been attempting to shove the Chief of Staff John Kelly out of the White House for a while now. This could be because of Kelly’s decision to limit everybody’s direct access to Donald, which leaves people like Ivanka and Jared Kushner with less influence. Now that Trump is obsessed with getting his revenge against the courageous op-ed author, Ivanka is attempting to use it to her own advantage.

Ivanka and Jared are trying to convince Trump that the critical op-ed was written by John Kelly, according to a new profile from Vanity Fair (Kushner’s lawyer is still insisting that Vanity Fair’s source for the info is wrong). Could Kelly be the author? Sure. But there are many other people in the Trump White House who fit the profile created by the op-ed’s author. Trying this tactic of ‘Hey Dad, it’s just got to be John Kelly because I don’t like him’ is dishonest and misleading, to say the least.

Even with Trump’s criminal scandals about to ruin him and many of his own people being sent to prison, the people who are closest to Trump are entirely focused on destroying each other during a petty feud for more influence, in an incompetent administration that’s not likely to exist for much longer. Are all these people unaware that most of them are bound to end up in prison, or are they simply trying to take down internal rivals before going down themselves?