Feinstein Move for Investigation into Yet Another Trump Scandal

Senator Dianne Feinstein — who is the top Democrat sitting on the Senate Judiciary Committee — is urging her Republican colleagues to look into Cambridge Analytica, the criminal data firm that was hired by the evil Trump campaign.

In her letter to the Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, Dianne Feinstein issued a pressing call for the committee to immediately schedule hearings and make witness testimony mandatory to address the many unanswered questions regarding Cambridge Analytica and its strong ties to the devilish Trump campaign.

The request comes during a series of explosive reports which detail Cambridge Analytica’s shocking illegal activity, like harvesting Facebook data from over 50 million Americans, then using it — without the user’s knowledge or consent — to assist the racist Trump campaign.

“[T]hese reports outline serious allegations that foreign actors engaged with a U.S. campaign to create and implement a widespread influence operation that targeted American voters based on the personal information harvested from these accounts,” Feinstein explained.

“Such activity implicates campaign finance laws and a broader conspiracy to defraud the United States, matters that fall squarely within this Committee’s oversight jurisdiction.”

Feinstein mentioned that she already sent letters asking for information from Cambridge Analytica, along with several Donald Trump campaign officials who are connected to the company. Those requests have all been ignored, Feinstein reported, and the judiciary committee has yet to take any action.

Since the Republicans have the majority in the Senate, it is entirely up to them to send out subpoenas and schedule the hearings.

“As you know, last year I sent a number of letters seeking information from Cambridge Analytica and some of the individuals named in these media reports, including Brad Parscale, Dan Scavino, and Steve Bannon. These requests have been ignored, and the Committee has taken no additional action,” she complained.

Feinstein’s indignant letter was published the same time as London’s Channel 4 published an explosive undercover video where top executives at Cambridge Analytica admitted that they utilize bribes and prostitutes to entrap politicians.

In the damning video, Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix also talked about how the firm uses secret front companies, false ID’s, and sub-contractors to work secretly in elections all around the world.

“These reports raise serious allegations, and the American people need to know how this happened, who knew about it, why steps were not taken sooner to bring it to an end, and what can be done to protect their privacy and the integrity of our elections going forward,” Feinstein wrote.

With the data company back in the spotlight, Traitor Trump has remained silent — offering no indication that he has a problem with evil and cheating or that he would think twice about hiring them again while he prepares for his doomed 2020 campaign.

Meanwhile, one more Channel 4 exposé will be released on Tuesday. In this new video, Cambridge Analytica executives state that they are responsible for Trump winning the election — and they describe exactly how they did it.

The horrible truth is being revealed. Now, it’s up to the notoriously amoral Republicans to make the people responsible pay for their crimes.