Evidence Points to Russia Scandal Bringing Sean Hannity Some Serious Pain

Donald Trump’s inevitable fall from power comes closer every day. We can rest easy knowing Trump will die broke in prison. That should comfort us while we watch him try to destroy America while praising other dictators around the globe. Even many Republicans have gotten to their breaking point. Ex-Hawaiian congressman Charles Djou just announced that he’s leaving the Republican Party because of the disastrous ideology of Traitor Trump. That’s great, but too many are still being brainwashed by the lying propaganda machine known as Fox News.

The Fox king of spreading lies and disproven conspiracy theories is Sean Hannity. Every single day Hannity pushes the exact same false narrative that’s being spread on social media by Russian disinformation bots. Why in the world would an American be so intent on constantly conveying lies and smearing people in the FBI and the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Trump-Russia treason? Hannity has admitted that his Republican buddies in Congress told him that he was exposed by American intelligence agencies. Rather than realizing that anyone in constant contact with malicious Russian agents should be exposed, he just blames his crimes on the “Deep State.”

Under two months ago, Sean Hannity’s Twitter account got temporarily deleted. While the account was down, a woman from Texas created a twitter handle with Hannity’s name for a joke. Not long after creating the twitter handle @SeanHannity__ she got a direct message from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Thinking that this was actually Hannity, Assange said things that made it obvious he is no stranger to speaking with Hannity.

Sean Hannity is and has been advising Trump and the rest of the corrupt White House on talking points to advance the anti-Mueller lies. These are all the actions of a guilty individual. While Sean Hannity is clearly scared to death that he would be imprisoned by the same evidence that is ensuring Trump’s removal from the presidency, it’s very shameful that Fox News is letting Hannity pretend to be a victim while spreading lies and propaganda using their network. Just as much as we will enjoy witnessing Trump’s downfall, we will love it when Hannity is kicked off Fox News and rots in jail.