Donald Trump’s Hiring of John Bolton Isn’t About What You Think

For fourteen months, as Trump’s presidency has gotten worse and his scandals have grown, some have consistently predicted that Donald Trump would begin a war to be a distraction. When Trump hired the enthusiastic warmonger and sociopath, John Bolton, last week, most people assumed it was tog et ready for war. Now we’re finding out that the timing of John Bolton’s hiring, and the pick of Bolton in particular, is for a different reason.

Trump announced the John Bolton hire six days after Facebook declared that it had found out that the Trump campaign’s voter data company Cambridge Analytica had stolen user data from 50 million Facebook users in the election. Those two things didn’t seem to be related. But now we know Cambridge Analytica is connected to election bribery, blackmail and lied-about meetings with Russian officials, and that John Bolton has long been flush with Cambridge Analytica cash. Now it makes sense: Trump hired Bolton, perhaps at the orders of Cambridge Analytica financial supporters the Mercers, as a way of attempting to keep Bolton on their team as criminal investigators go after the firm.

In hindsight, we should have predicted this when Trump hired John Bolton. His other moves recently have involved promoting the U.S. intel community fixer and criminal Mike Pompeo to Secretary of State and bringing on his campaign’s criminal data man Brad Parscale to be in charge of his (imaginary) 2020 reelection campaign. It’s obvious that Trump is hiring his allies and his co-conspirators in the Trump-Russia treason scandal, or at least the people who haven’t yet made plea deals against him, to keep them nearby as a defensive measure.

There’s no looking past Bolton’s status as a murder-loving evil warmonger who has long had the insane and dangerous belief that both North Korea and Iran ought to be invaded. This godless monster would be a disturbing and bad choice to be National Security Adviser if he wasn’t tied to the Trump-Russia treason scandal. But the truth is this: Donald Trump has been in office for over a year, and while he has long talked tough regarding North Korea and Iran, nothing has happened.

Trump tried to play it safe with small military actions like Yemen, Niger, and Syria, and even those military actions have blown up in his stupid ugly face. Trump also has no political muscle left as his presidency disintegrates, and while the Republicans have allowed his insane personal antics and past and present crimes to go unchecked, there isn’t any reason to think the party would let him start a war that would be hung around the Republican party’s neck in the 2018 midterm elections. Even with the Bolton hiring, Trump won’t try to start a war. But there is every reason to think that Bolton was brought on because this Cambridge Analytica scandal is blowing up.