BETRAYAL: GOP Senator Introduces Legislation That Protects Mueller from Trump

President Donald Trump has been waging a shadow war against special counsel Robert Mueller’s legal team and their critical Russia probe ever since the investigation’s inception.

Trump has gone to incredible lengths to belittle, derail or generally obstruct the probe into his campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russian government, so much so that many in Washington have wondered if Trump would be so brazen as to fire Mueller outright.

Instead, according to recent reports from Politico, the president is turning to a behind-the-scenes approach of bullying politicians into doing his dirty work for him.

North Carolina Republican Senator Thom Tillis recently introduced a bill to officially protect Mueller from being fired by allowing the special counsel to appeal any such decision in court.

Trump was not pleased by this progression, and he even called Tillis personally to tell him how “unhappy” he was with the bill and influence his decision to move forward with it.

Tillis, a first-term senator, has yet to face such a formidable foe as the president of the United States, which is why Tillis deserves praise for standing up to Trump and doubling down on his initial efforts.

Tillis co-wrote a bill with Democratic Senator Chris Coons from Delaware to install protections for Mueller, and he even on the president’s favorite station to defend his bill, saying on Fox News that he wrote the bill specifically to prevent the president from intervening with the crucial Russia investigation.

Tillis and Coons’ bill, dubbed the Special Counsel Integrity Act, would ensure that Mueller could only be fired by an official confirmed by the Senate, taking that potential abuse of power away from Trump.

The bill also allows for an appeal should Mueller get fired, presenting an opportunity for the special counsel to be reinstated should a judge find his firing improper.