Ben Carson Actually Believes These Draconian Policies are Good for Low Income Americans

The unqualified Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Ben Carson is defending his heartless proposal to weaken HUD programs involving low-income housing subsidies which would triple the rent for some recipients for $50 to $150. When someone is making, say, $900 a month, $100 less a month is a serious problem, and Ben Carson doesn’t seem to understand or care.

“It is our attempt to give poor people a way out of poverty,” Carson lied to Fox News during an interview, lying that the program’s work requirements and the destructive rent spikes will “incentivize people” to support themselves, something they are already trying to do and Carson is making harder.

Carson’s proposed legislation would increase from 30 percent to 35 percent the proportion of income that Americans who are on housing assistance pay for their housing. It would force recipients to make the money with at least 15 hours of work, paid at the federal minimum wage, $7.25.

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman, Representative Cedric Richmond (D-La.) condemned the proposal as the “latest example of the Trump administration’s war on poor people,” and he said it is both “immoral” and “ill-advised.”

“I would say it’s just the opposite,” Carson said idiotically, lying that his hateful plan will be received well for the most part, if not by “hysterical people who are saying, ‘These people hate you and they’re trying to balance the budget on your back and they don’t care.,’” Carson said, insulting his good-hearted opponents and dishonestly misrepresenting the plan as something that has anything to do with balancing the budget when the deficit is $665 billion a year.

The evil proposal referred to as the Making Affordable Housing Work Act comes due to a push from the Trump administration in its corrupt 2019 budget to “encourage work and self-sufficiency” for the recipients of housing subsidies.

Carson has heartlessly lied that the housing welfare system is currently “broken” and that his department is “removing all those kinds of perverse disincentives” which keep people trapped in poverty. (Obviously, helping people in poverty doesn’t trap them in poverty, it works to do the opposite. Most likely, all of Carson’s brain space is taken up by his neurosurgeon knowledge, causing him to a complete idiot in every other possible way.)

Carson also lied that the proposal is going to “incentivize people” with work requirements.

Carson noted that people in Detroit, which is where he grew up, saying “they were trapped in a system” and his proposal will help them to get out. Carson, unfortunately, is a powerful man, and he is using it to hurt people and then lying that is to help them. He just doesn’t get it.