White House Press Sec. Sean Spicer Fabricates Atlanta Islamist Terror Attack


It’s becoming a thing: People in the White House are finding the concept of “alternative facts” is a useful tool to sway their constituents.
We know Kellyanne Conway is fond of making up “facts” to support the Trump Administration’s policies, especially when they are intended to drum up fear.
Her “Bowling Green massacre” isn’t the only incident of the White House using imaginary stories of terrorist attacks to sway opinion in favor of Trump’s executive order that bans Muslims from entering the US.
Now, White House press secretary Sean Spicer is making use of the “fear the Muslim” narrative. He has repeatedly mentioned the city of Atlanta as one of the cities assaulted by Islamic terrorists. Perhaps if he lumps one more major city in with the San Bernardino and Boston attacks, which were both radical Islam related, he would garner the support for action designed to prevent another future attack.
However, neither the San Bernardino nor the Boston attacks were carried out by foreign nationals from the seven countries banned by Trump’s executive order.
There has never been an attack perpetrated by a radicalized Muslim in Atlanta.
Using the age-old marketing ploy of urgency, Spicer argued for immediate implementation of the executive order before another terrorist attack takes place on American soil. In an appearance on ABC’s This Week, Spicer said this:

“What do we say to the family that loses somebody over a terroristic (sic), to whether it’s Atlanta or San Bernardino or the Boston bomber?”

The next day, Spicer used the same argument with Jeremy Peters on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

“Too many of these cases that have happened, whether you’re talking about San Bernardino, Atlanta, they’ve happened, Boston,” Spicer said. “Jeremy, what—do you wait until you do? The answer is we act now to protect the future.”

Later the same day, Spicer used the imaginary Atlanta attack to bolster the argument for the “extreme vetting” called for in the executive order.

“I don’t think you have to look any further than the families of the Boston Marathon, in Atlanta, in San Bernardino to ask if we can go further,” Spicer said. “There’s obviously steps that we can and should be taking, and I think the president is going to continue do to what he can to make sure that this country is as safe as possible.”

But the deputy director of George Washington University’s Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, Seamus Hughes, says that Atlanta should not be included in this discourse. He had this to say to set the record straight:

“There has not been a successful jihadi terror attack in Atlanta.” 

The only incident in Atlanta that could be construed as a terror event was the 1996 pipe bomb explosion during the Olympic Games. However, it was a home-grown Florida man, Eric Robert Rudolf who was convicted.

Interestingly, as Conway and Spicer have been referring to attacks that have never happened, President Trump accused the press of not adequately reporting terror attacks that have happened.

“It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported. And in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it,” the president said after meeting with military brass at CENTCOM in Tampa, Florida. “They have their reasons, and you understand that.”

To bolster Trump’s point, the White House released a list of 78 Islamist terror attacks that have occurred around the world since 2014.

And guess what? Atlanta was not on that list.

Chris Christie Just Made Robert Mueller’s Day

Chris Christie, the former Republican New Jersey Governor, defended the special counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation into Russia’s election rigging on Monday, explaining that “you can’t argue the investigation hasn’t been effective so far.”

During an appearance for the University of Chicago, Chris Christie said he’s repeatedly told Trump that “there’s no way to make an investigation like this shorter, but there are lots of ways to make it longer.

“He’s executed on a number of those ways to make it longer,” Christie stated.

Christie’s comments come while tensions increase between Mueller and his crooked Republican critics, with Donald Trump lying that the investigation is a witch hunt and demanding an investigation about whether the FBI or DOJ surveilled his presidential campaign for political reasons.

Chris Christie, who is a former U.S. attorney, stood up for Mueller, saying he is nonpartisan, honest, and hardworking. Christie also noted the multiple guilty pleas and the indictments as proof that the investigation is working.

“I don’t question Bob Mueller’s honesty or his integrity, never have, and having worked with him for years, I still wouldn’t,” Christie declared.

“If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action,” Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, stated.

Christie’s defense comes while congressional Republicans seek any documents related to the FBI informant who met up with multiple people working for Trump’s campaign. Intelligence officials argue that doing so threatens lives and national security.

Robert Mueller Aiming to Hit Donald Trump Where it Hurts the Most

In the past two days, we have discovered Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s aggressive, sudden subpoenaing of Traitor Trump’s business associates as well as his seizing of Paul Manafort’s bank accounts last year. The first shows the comprehensive manner in which Mueller intends to expose each aspect of Trump’s destructive criminal life, not just how he stole the election. The second, which Mueller just now decided to include in court papers, might be the true story.

It’s hard to understand why Mueller chose now to publicize that he seized Manafort’s monetary assets six months ago. This was unnecessary from a trail and prosecution perspective because Manafort must already be aware of this. However, we’ve seen several times that Mueller tends to toss details into his court filings which appear timed to convey certain messages.

Mueller boasting about his past Trump-Russia asset seizures sticks out as he zooms in on Trump’s business associates. The fact that he just subpoenaed them in a huge criminal investigation shows that he is eager to take away their dirty money. Mueller is interrogating these partners about the interactions they’ve had with Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, and Mueller wants to go after Cohen’s money if it was obtained in an illegal manner. Cohen doesn’t seem to have assets to be seized, though, considering how he took out a home equity loan simply to pay Stormy Daniels.

This point is directed at one individual: President Trump. Robert Mueller is clearly communicating that he will seize any of Trump’s illegally-obtained assets. Mueller is not in the best legal position do so because if he were, he’d being doing it instead of telling the world about it. The major puzzle in this situation is the fact that Mueller wants Trump to know about his plans.

The most reasonable theory is Robert Mueller has thought tirelessly about how and when to force Donald Trump’s resignation from the stolen presidency. Mueller appears to be threatening that upon Trump’s refusal to leave office after being proven guilty, he will start taking away his money and properties. Trump will end up losing it all anyway – but don’t tell him that. He could mistakenly believe that the chances of maintaining his assets are greater if he resigns sooner, and Robert Mueller seems to be pushing him in that direction.

Why Not to Believe This ‘Hype’ About Trump

Near the close of Friday’s White House press briefing, a journalist asked lazy-eyed liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders what “specific steps” Trump is taking to get ready for a summer meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. The president’s press secretary lied that there is nothing to worry about and didn’t actually answer the question:

“[T]he president is, I think, the ultimate negotiator and dealmaker when it comes to any type of conversation…. And we feel very confident in where we are.”

At the same time, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was lying that Trump is “one of the best negotiators.” Right after that, in a different interview, asked why Trump agreed to the meeting, a leading administration official claimed that the president “has made his reputation on making deals.”

Maybe so, but has Trump actually earned that reputation, or could it be an inaccurate sales pitch founded on meaningless hype with absolutely no basis in reality? (The answer is yes.)

Certainly, this egotistical yet insecure president wants to be seen as a world-class negotiator. Just before launching his horrible presidential campaign, Trump told Americans what he mistakenly thought is his greatest strength. “Deals are my art form,” the Republican incorrectly bragged. “Other people paint beautifully or write poetry. I like making deals, preferably big deals. That’s how I get my kicks.” That’s why he paid a ghost-writer to write him a book called, “The Art of the Deal.”

But in reality, this is one of President Stupid’s biggest weaknesses, and there are a lot of competing weaknesses.

As president, the major deals – either foreign or domestic – negotiated by Donald Trump still stands at zero. Trump tried but failed to negotiate a passable health care deal. Trump tried and failed to put together an immigration deal. His plutocratic party voted yes on massive tax breaks for the rich, but Trump’s role in getting Republicans to do what they already wanted to was irrelevant.

Trump has not negotiated any new trade agreements. He has negotiated not a single new security agreement. He has made several unilateral executive-branch actions, but that’s just because the White House’s attempts at deal-making haven’t worked.

Those who are looking for the bright side might bring up a U.S.-negotiated cease-fire in Syria, but even then, the administration just gave more power and authority to Donald Trump’s puppet masters in Russia.

Others might think that Trump hasn’t shown any deal-making skills as president, but that we should look instead to the abilities he demonstrated while in the private sector. But even then, his record is not what it is claimed to be. I’m reminded of a thoughtful piece Vox’s Ezra Klein wrote in 2017:

The answer can be found in Trump Steaks. And Trump University. And Trump Vodka. And Trump Suits. And Trump’s fragrance line, his board game, his ghostwritten books, his energy drink, his eyeglasses, and his chocolate bars.

Yes, these are all real Trump products. And they expose the reality of Trump’s dealmaking. Trump is not a guy who makes particularly good deals so much as a guy who makes a lot of deals – many of which lash his name and reputation to garbage products.

Trump, a lifelong teetotaler, didn’t scour the globe to find the very best vodka. No — someone offered him an opportunity to make a quick buck by putting his name on a product he wouldn’t ever touch and he took it. Trump University was a far darker scam. Trump Steaks were, and are, a joke.

This is Trump’s pattern: He licenses his brand and lets others worry about the details of the products. Trump’s partners often end up going out of business and his customers often end up disappointed, but Trump makes some money, and he gets his name out there, and it’s all good.

This model has made Donald Trump very wealthy, but it’s unrelated to being a successful president who can strike meaningful deals. Nobody should trust that Trump can competently handle a meeting with Kim Jong-un. We can only hope that the North Korean leader has peaceful plans of his own that won’t depend on skillful negotiation by an idiotic president.

Evidence Points to Russia Scandal Bringing Sean Hannity Some Serious Pain

Donald Trump’s inevitable fall from power comes closer every day. We can rest easy knowing Trump will die broke in prison. That should comfort us while we watch him try to destroy America while praising other dictators around the globe. Even many Republicans have gotten to their breaking point. Ex-Hawaiian congressman Charles Djou just announced that he’s leaving the Republican Party because of the disastrous ideology of Traitor Trump. That’s great, but too many are still being brainwashed by the lying propaganda machine known as Fox News.

The Fox king of spreading lies and disproven conspiracy theories is Sean Hannity. Every single day Hannity pushes the exact same false narrative that’s being spread on social media by Russian disinformation bots. Why in the world would an American be so intent on constantly conveying lies and smearing people in the FBI and the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Trump-Russia treason? Hannity has admitted that his Republican buddies in Congress told him that he was exposed by American intelligence agencies. Rather than realizing that anyone in constant contact with malicious Russian agents should be exposed, he just blames his crimes on the “Deep State.”

Under two months ago, Sean Hannity’s Twitter account got temporarily deleted. While the account was down, a woman from Texas created a twitter handle with Hannity’s name for a joke. Not long after creating the twitter handle @SeanHannity__ she got a direct message from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Thinking that this was actually Hannity, Assange said things that made it obvious he is no stranger to speaking with Hannity.

Sean Hannity is and has been advising Trump and the rest of the corrupt White House on talking points to advance the anti-Mueller lies. These are all the actions of a guilty individual. While Sean Hannity is clearly scared to death that he would be imprisoned by the same evidence that is ensuring Trump’s removal from the presidency, it’s very shameful that Fox News is letting Hannity pretend to be a victim while spreading lies and propaganda using their network. Just as much as we will enjoy witnessing Trump’s downfall, we will love it when Hannity is kicked off Fox News and rots in jail.

Feinstein Move for Investigation into Yet Another Trump Scandal

Senator Dianne Feinstein — who is the top Democrat sitting on the Senate Judiciary Committee — is urging her Republican colleagues to look into Cambridge Analytica, the criminal data firm that was hired by the evil Trump campaign.

In her letter to the Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, Dianne Feinstein issued a pressing call for the committee to immediately schedule hearings and make witness testimony mandatory to address the many unanswered questions regarding Cambridge Analytica and its strong ties to the devilish Trump campaign.

The request comes during a series of explosive reports which detail Cambridge Analytica’s shocking illegal activity, like harvesting Facebook data from over 50 million Americans, then using it — without the user’s knowledge or consent — to assist the racist Trump campaign.

“[T]hese reports outline serious allegations that foreign actors engaged with a U.S. campaign to create and implement a widespread influence operation that targeted American voters based on the personal information harvested from these accounts,” Feinstein explained.

“Such activity implicates campaign finance laws and a broader conspiracy to defraud the United States, matters that fall squarely within this Committee’s oversight jurisdiction.”

Feinstein mentioned that she already sent letters asking for information from Cambridge Analytica, along with several Donald Trump campaign officials who are connected to the company. Those requests have all been ignored, Feinstein reported, and the judiciary committee has yet to take any action.

Since the Republicans have the majority in the Senate, it is entirely up to them to send out subpoenas and schedule the hearings.

“As you know, last year I sent a number of letters seeking information from Cambridge Analytica and some of the individuals named in these media reports, including Brad Parscale, Dan Scavino, and Steve Bannon. These requests have been ignored, and the Committee has taken no additional action,” she complained.

Feinstein’s indignant letter was published the same time as London’s Channel 4 published an explosive undercover video where top executives at Cambridge Analytica admitted that they utilize bribes and prostitutes to entrap politicians.

In the damning video, Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix also talked about how the firm uses secret front companies, false ID’s, and sub-contractors to work secretly in elections all around the world.

“These reports raise serious allegations, and the American people need to know how this happened, who knew about it, why steps were not taken sooner to bring it to an end, and what can be done to protect their privacy and the integrity of our elections going forward,” Feinstein wrote.

With the data company back in the spotlight, Traitor Trump has remained silent — offering no indication that he has a problem with evil and cheating or that he would think twice about hiring them again while he prepares for his doomed 2020 campaign.

Meanwhile, one more Channel 4 exposé will be released on Tuesday. In this new video, Cambridge Analytica executives state that they are responsible for Trump winning the election — and they describe exactly how they did it.

The horrible truth is being revealed. Now, it’s up to the notoriously amoral Republicans to make the people responsible pay for their crimes.

Trump Just Spread This Huge Lie About Your New Healthcare

President Donald Trump bragged about “record business” for the new health insurance plans created under a federal rule which hasn’t been implemented. In fact, since December 2017, Trump has periodically, and very prematurely, boasted that imaginary “millions” of Americans are already signing up to be part of these association health plans.

The new federal rule takes effect on August 20th, and it doesn’t apply to the association plans until September 1st.

At a July 26th roundtable discussion held in Iowa, the president congratulated Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who leads the department responsible for the upcoming rule on the association health plans. Trump lied that he heard there’s been “record business” as well as “incredible” numbers for the plans that he falsely claimed, “just opened about two months ago.”

Trump, July 26: Alex Acosta has come up with incredible health care plans through the Department of Labor — association plans where you associate, where you have groups and you get tremendous health care at a very small cost. … And, Alex, I hear it’s like record business that they’re doing. We just opened about two months ago, and I’m hearing that the numbers are incredible. Numbers of people that are getting really, really good health care instead of Obamacare, which is a disaster. So you’re getting great health care for, really, a fraction of the cost. Highly competitive. … And it’s at very small prices. So I want to thank you. The job you did on that is incredible.

An association health plan is created by some group of employers, like those in similar industries. The Labor Department was working on a federal rule to grow and change the regulation for these plans and gave its final rule on June 19th.

As we said earlier, the rule states that it won’t start applying to association plans up until Sept. 1. Yet, the stupid president has been lying about those imaginary “millions of people … signing up” the last several months. For instance:

Trump, rally in Montana, July 5: We are allowing businesses to join forces to buy better health care for less money through association health plans. They just came out two weeks ago and they cross state lines. … Millions of people are already signing up.

Trump, rally in North Dakota, June 27: So, we have, through our Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, we just came out with the association plan, which is phenomenal. Millions and millions of people are signing up.

Trump, interview with the New York Times, Dec. 28, 2017: Now here’s the good news. We’ve created associations, millions of people are joining associations. Millions. That were formerly in Obamacare or didn’t have insurance. Or didn’t have health care. Millions of people. (Earlier in the interview, Trump says, “That’s gonna be millions and millions of people,” but then switches to the present tense.)

It’s possible that millions of Americans will — eventually — sign up to have these plans with the new regulations.

Under the new rule, insurance plans that are offered by associations can’t deny coverage or even charge more due to health status. But they don’t have to cover those important 10 essential health benefits which the Affordable Care Act wisely requires of the plans on either the small-group market or the individual market. Also, the association plans can price plans based on either age, gender, or occupation if they want.

Therefore, those plans might be cheaper than some other options available vie the individual market, however, that could be due to them offering more limited benefits. CBO expects that healthier individuals will be attracted to those plans.

“Both employers with healthier workforces and individuals who are relatively healthy and have income too high to qualify for premium tax credits for health insurance would find such plans appealing because the premiums would be lower than those for insurance products that comply with the current rules governing the small-group and nongroup markets,” said CBO with its May report.

Ivanka Trump Taking the Low, Dark Road. Is She Manipulating Daddy?

Following the New York Times op-ed written by an unnamed senior member in the Trump White House who revealed that President Donald Trump is mentally incompetent and dangerous, we’ve watched Donald Trump’s world steadily fall apart. Trump has become disturbingly obsessed with the author’s identity while he rips his administration apart because of it. The only thing that was missing was Ivanka Trump jumping into the op-ed fray to make the whole thing worse. But that’s just happened.

Ivanka Trump and her criminal husband Jared Kushner have been attempting to shove the Chief of Staff John Kelly out of the White House for a while now. This could be because of Kelly’s decision to limit everybody’s direct access to Donald, which leaves people like Ivanka and Jared Kushner with less influence. Now that Trump is obsessed with getting his revenge against the courageous op-ed author, Ivanka is attempting to use it to her own advantage.

Ivanka and Jared are trying to convince Trump that the critical op-ed was written by John Kelly, according to a new profile from Vanity Fair (Kushner’s lawyer is still insisting that Vanity Fair’s source for the info is wrong). Could Kelly be the author? Sure. But there are many other people in the Trump White House who fit the profile created by the op-ed’s author. Trying this tactic of ‘Hey Dad, it’s just got to be John Kelly because I don’t like him’ is dishonest and misleading, to say the least.

Even with Trump’s criminal scandals about to ruin him and many of his own people being sent to prison, the people who are closest to Trump are entirely focused on destroying each other during a petty feud for more influence, in an incompetent administration that’s not likely to exist for much longer. Are all these people unaware that most of them are bound to end up in prison, or are they simply trying to take down internal rivals before going down themselves?

Mueller Is Raking It In, Trump Likely to Meltdown in 3..2..1..

Trump’s problem with Mueller: the special counsel is ‘batting a thousand’

The other day, President Trump published a very familiar tweet, summarizing his idiotic fury over Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into his crimes. “The illegal Mueller Witch Hunt continues in search of a crime,” Trump wrote. “There was never Collusion with Russia, except by the Clinton campaign, so the 17 Angry Democrats are looking at anything they can find. Very unfair and BAD for the country. ALSO, not allowed under the LAW!”

The “in search of a crime” part of the tweet made me laugh. Whether Trump noticed or not, Mueller has already gotten convictions and/or guilty pleas for cases against several of the members in the president’s inner circle – indicating that the special counsel’s “search” is going swimmingly.

Trump is throwing this tantrum because the special counsel keeps winning. Following Paul Manafort’s guilty plea and cooperation with prosecutors, Rachel Maddow said something enlightening on her MSNBC show:

“This is the eighth person convicted or pleading guilty in Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the election. Robert Mueller is now batting a thousand in terms of convictions and guilty pleas from everybody who he has pursued in court.

“He’s also now batting a thousand in terms of securing cooperation from every single American who has been charged in this case – including the president’s national security adviser, the president’s deputy campaign chair, and now the president’s campaign chairman who himself has decades’ worth of links to the former Soviet Union and whose business partner is believed by the FBI to be himself linked to Russian intelligence agencies.”

Paul Manafort’s deal was a breakthrough – and not only because Manafort oversaw Trump’s campaign in 2016, and not only because Manafort can help the special counsel discover the truth.

Rather, when Mueller flipped Manafort – “nabbing his white whale” – a powerful reminder was given to everyone involved in the historic scandal that Mueller is still on a winning streak that’s sure to continue.

Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the leading Democrat for the House Intelligence Committee, explained on “Meet the Press” yesterday, talking about Manafort’s plea deal, “[T]his sends a message to anyone who is in Bob Mueller’s crosshairs right now: you better get to the special counsel and make your deal now because anyone who gets indicted by Bob Mueller goes down. And the longer you wait to come clean, the worse deal you’re going to get, the more time you’re going to face.”

No wonder Trump is whining like a baby about the investigation being “illegal” along with being (Trump has such a way with words) “not allowed under the law”?

Trump Defies Military Officials’ Warning, Causes Disastrous Raid That Kills Navy Seal.

The first covert military operation under Trump’s leadership was a complete disaster. Navy Seal Chief Petty Officer, William “Ryan” Owens, lost his life during the firefight, as well as an eight-year-old American citizen. Fourteen Yemeni civilians died when the Yakla village was destroyed. And after a rough landing, American commandos were forced to destroy a $75 million MV-22 Osprey.

President Donald Trump’s first covert military action was a disaster by all accounts. One Navy SEAL, Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens lost his life in a ferocious firefight. Nawar “Nora” al-Alwaki, an eight-year-old American citizen, was shot in the neck and died. Fourteen more Yemeni civilians died at the hands of American commandos as the majority of Yakla village was obliterated. The commandos were forced to destroy a $75 million MV-22 Osprey after a rough landing.

Trump has hailed the mission as a “success,” but was it really? “Knowing that we killed an estimated 14 AQAP members and that we gathered an unbelievable amount of intelligence that will prevent the potential deaths or attacks on American soil – is something that I think most service members understand, that that’s why they joined the service.” said Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary.

In light of the undeniable losses, US military brass is starting to point fingers and pass blame. The responsibility lies with President Trump because it is his responsibility

Now, U.S. military officials are pointing fingers – and responsibility lies with President Trump as the Commander-in-Chief. It is ultimately his decision whether to put our military into combat and to assess the risk vs reward–because our people may pay with their lives.

Trump “approved his first covert counterterrorism operation without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations” according to Reuters. “As a result, three officials said, the attacking SEAL team found itself dropping onto a reinforced al Qaeda base defended by landmines, snipers, and a larger than expected contingent of heavily armed Islamist extremists. One of the three U.S. officials said on-the-ground surveillance of the compound was ‘minimal, at best.‘”

Now we know that this raid had been proposed before. President Obama refused to authorize it due to operational insufficiency. He was not comfortable putting our military in that risky position without the appropriate level of tactical information available on the target and defenses. Obama took the decision very seriously and understood the implications for not only our military but for the civilians living in that village. Trump apparently did not care.

So what did we gain at the expense of all those lives? A laptop and some documents. Donald Trump saw the potential to posture himself as a strong military leader on the world scene. Instead, he hastily approved a mission that had already been rejected by a President with much more experience than him and showed the world his immaturity and ignorance.