Arrests by Robert Mueller Coming Soon…Here’s Who Should Be Worried

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is in a quiet stretch regarding his publicly visible Trump-Russia indictments and arrests. But as we have learned from the other times where Mueller went silent, it means that he’s busy planning and working on the next round of brilliant moves behind the scenes. Who’s getting arrested next for the Trump-Russia treason scandal? Here are some educated guesses.

Steve Bannon: Steve has been under fire all week, thanks to both the exploding scandals involving his former firm Cambridge Analytica and the damning revelation that he was a company leader during the theft of Facebook user data. Bannon may have already made a plea deal, but if not he’s now a primary target in the Trump-Russia treason probe. Even if Bannon did cut a deal, if he didn’t tell Mueller what he knew about the Cambridge Analytica antics, he will be indicted for misleading federal investigators.

Roger Stone: About two weeks ago, Donald Trump adviser Sam Nunberg said on the news that he’d been subpoenaed for a Robert Mueller grand jury that was targeting Stone and the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, along with others. Roger Stone then went on MSNBC and said that Mueller hasn’t even requested for him to testify. Based on Robert Mueller’s pattern so far, it means he’s looking to indict and arrest Roger Stone rather than giving him a soft-landing deal. Since the grand jury is already well underway, and al the cooperating witnesses against Stone are already taken care of, the indictment against Roger Stone should come soon.

Jared Kushner: There’s way too much smoke here to ignore. Kushner’s corrupt pay-to-play deals involve people from U.S. based investors all the way to the United Arab Emirates. There’s Nader’s decision to cut a plea deal, and his sketchy ties to UAE. Mueller wants Kushner to cut a plea deal against Donald Trump, which he will logically have to accept eventually. That potential plea deal is the only reason Kushner has yet to see handcuffs.

Donald Trump Jr: Donald Jr.’s wife filed for divorce suddenly this week, blaming an old affair she’s known about for six years already. Her timing is related to the subpoena Mueller sent to the Trump Organization regarding its financial records, causing her to fear to lose her part of the family fortune to the asset seizures if she fails to cash out now. Will Robert Mueller dare to arrest President Trump’s son right now? It would be a very aggressive move.