After Stunning Release from Senate Intel Committee, Trump Shocks by Running to Putin

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee announced last night, in a bipartisan fashion, that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President,  worked to rig the 2016 election in favor of racist demagogue Donald Trump. That’s obvious already but it’s a big deal because the Senate is finally acknowledging this, and even the Republicans are approving it. So what’s Donald Trump doing about this? Running off to get some new instructions from his Russian puppet master.

Trump and Putin announced that their summit will happen in Helsinki, Finland on July 16th. However, two days ago it was reported that Trump and Putin are going to be meeting one-on-one and there won’t be any aides present. It was fairly obvious that they were planning to discuss the intensifying Trump-Russia treason scandal, and they didn’t want witnesses to their talk, even friendly ones. However, now this new report from the Senate offers context on the specific timing and extreme urgency of it.

The Republicans for the Senate Intel Committee are all attaching their names to this report for a reason. The report confirms that Vladimir Putin installed Donald Trump in office and that it means Trump is Putin’s puppet. They have seen the extensive evidence in the Trump-Russia investigation. They know exactly how ugly Trump’s future is. They know that Robert Mueller is extremely close to pulling all of the pieces together. And Republicans afraid of staying on the wrong side of certain inevitable future events.

So, obviously Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin want to talk secretly. They have issues that go far beyond the criminal trial of Trump’s Kremlin-controlled and corrupt campaign chairman Paul Manafort starting this month. Time is running out, and Trump and Putin know it. For anyone wondering about the translators for this secret meeting, Putin speaks perfect English.