Donald Trump and Crony Roger Stone Just Got Fingered by Longtime Associate -
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Donald Trump and Crony Roger Stone Just Got Fingered by Longtime Associate

Earlier in the week, longtime ex-Trump adviser Sam Nunberg spent a whole day making insane cable television appearances and claiming that he would let himself be arrested rather than cooperate with the grand jury subpoena he’d just gotten from Robert Mueller. But he has either changed his mind or it was just for show, because Sam Nunberg showed up and testified in front of the grand jury yesterday – and it lasted several hours.

Nunberg lied on CNN and MSNBC that he’d rather get arrested than betray his mentor Roger Stone for his talks during the 2016 election with the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. By doing so, he revealed that Mueller has a grand jury against both Stone and Assange. Nunberg also unwittingly appeared to reveal that he had email talks with Stone that revealed Stone’s guilt. Yesterday he appeared and testified for that same grand jury he swore he wouldn’t, and it’s a very safe bet that he’s singing like a bird.

Sam Nunberg probably didn’t participate in the Trump-Russia treason scandal, which means he has not broken any laws, which means that he can’t use the Fifth Amendment. There isn’t a Fifth Amendment application to refuse to testify regarding crimes you have witnessed others committing or even confessing to. So if Sam Nunberg wasn’t answering questions today regarding what he heard or saw, his testimony should have been short, and he definitely would have left the building in handcuffs that were slapped on him for contempt of court. But instead, CNN reports Nunberg testified for 6 to 6.5 hours, and the result was not him in handcuffs. Clearly, Nunberg did exactly as he was supposed to so that he wouldn’t go to jail, which is respectable.

Robert Mueller’s subpoena meant that Sam Nunberg had to give up all his communications with ten different Trump-Russia treason figures including Trump, but it isn’t clear that Nunberg has anything incriminating on Donald Trump. Rather, it very much seems that Nunberg has dirt on Roger Stone. Donald Trump and Roger Stone are believed to have spoken regularly throughout the Trump-Russia treason scandal. If Robert Mueller can use Nunberg in order to get to Stone, then Stone will likely give up Trump to save himself.

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