Robert Mueller About to Flip Trump's Erik Prince and Get Top Secretary to Resign -
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Robert Mueller About to Flip Trump’s Erik Prince and Get Top Secretary to Resign

As we’ve seen repeatedly in the Trump-Russia treason investigation, forcing suspects to agree to a plea deal is not as much about immediately proving their alleged crimes, but instead merely being able to demonstrate that they committed a crime as a response to the probe. Both Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos lied directly to the FBI. Rick Gates lied in his interview. They all cut plea deals. Which brings us to the latest development in Trump World’s demise.

Yesterday we found out that Mueller has been looking closely at Erik Prince’s transition time meeting with the Russians, located in the Seychelles. If Erik Prince used that meeting to negotiate with Russians without the Obama administration knowing, that would be a serious felony. Mueller has George Nader cooperating, who organized the meeting, meaning that he’s got a strong hand against Prince. And Mueller has an ace card.

Erik Prince testified in front of the Donald Trump-controlled House Intel Committee a few months ago. As we have previously mentioned, that committee is a sham, and Trump-Russia suspects just testify before it so they can get themselves out of trouble. But Prince lied to the committee under oath, reports CNN. The incompetent Republicans on the committee won’t prosecute Prince for it. But Mueller can prosecute Erik Prince for it, and based on his amazing record, he will.

If the CNN report is true, it means Robert Mueller has got Erik Prince by the balls on perjury charges, which has been the simplest way to flip Trump-Russia traitors. Look for Prince to make a deal for the perjury charges to avoid answering for charges such as Conspiracy Against the United States. When that happens, look out for his evil sister Betsy DeVos to quit Donald Trump’s cabinet.

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