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Texas Democrats Have Amassed a Huge Lead Over Republicans in Early Mid-Term Voting

Texas voters are well-known for staying home on election days. Now they are finally turning out — but it’s to vote for Democrats.

The initial midterm primary ballots have come in, and the Democratic early voters in Texas have destroyed the GOP by historic margins.

As the CNN political analyst David Wright mentions, the Texas Secretary of State counted an early vote lead for Democrats of 45,000 ballots. If this pace keeps up it will be the biggest Democratic turnout in Texas since the 2008 presidential primary. It would also be the first election where Democratic early turnout is more than that of Republicans in the Texas since the blue wave midterm of 2006 — and it’ll be by a larger margin.

So far, Texas Democratic turnout has doubled that of the 2014 primaries, and is even more than the 2016 presidential primary voter turnout.

These statistics should terrify Republicans, as they indicate an uprising of Democratic voter enthusiasm in a place where Republicans primarily hold power because of low voter turnout, especially for traditionally underrepresented groups, such as Hispanics.

There have been signs that Texas is in a political shift for a long time. Trump’s 2016 margin in Texas was under ten points, and it was lower than Iowa’s.

Additionally, Democrats have run for office at every level of government in historic numbers, and this includes 36 women running for Congress. Also, Ted Cruz’s Senate challenger, Representative Beto O’Rourke, is raising more money than him.

Republicans have picked up on this. Some Republican officials in the state are using desperate measures. The Dallas County Republican Party is proving his hatred for and fear of democracy by suing to disqualify Democratic candidates.

The Trump administration itself is watching the situation, with Mike Pence’s now-useless “voter fraud” commission attempting to organize Texas data to investigate the Hispanic voters, whom Republicans hate because of their different skin color and culture, in order to disenfranchise them.

What is now taking place in Texas reflects a rising voter enthusiasm across America to get involved and defeat the racist anti-American Republicans in the midterms. This is the first sign that widespread anger against Traitor Trump will create far-reaching consequences on election day.

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