Robert Mueller Officially Drags Some Huge Names Into His Trump-Russia Investigation -
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Robert Mueller Officially Drags Some Huge Names Into His Trump-Russia Investigation

Thus far we’ve watched Special Counsel Robert Mueller key in on certain people in the Trump-Russia treason scandal in a method that’s spilled into clear public view: Paul Manafort. George Papadopoulos. Rick Gates. Michael Flynn. We have also been seeing media reports that he’s going after various other players. But now, all of a sudden, almost everyone has officially been brought into the scandal, due to a blizzard of grand jury subpoenas.

Multiple media outlets such as Axios and NBC News now have copies of a grand jury subpoena which was recently sent to an anonymous witness in the Trump-Russia treason scandal. The subpoena demands access to every conversation between the witness and several key players in the scandal. Is Robert Mueller going after these people because they are criminal suspects, or is it because they’re all uncooperative witnesses? We don’t know yet. But every person on the list should be afraid, and so should everybody else caught in the scandal.

The list is remarkable: Steve Bannon. Rick Gates. Michael Cohen. Hope Hicks. Corey Lewandowski. Carter Page. Paul Manafort. Keith Schiller. Roger Stone. It also includes an ugly orange clown named Donald Trump. Imagine finding out that Mueller is so keyed in on your role in the Trump-Russia treason scandal, that he is subpoenaing other people just because you talked with them. But who leaked this list, and why?

Robert Mueller is carrying out grand juries in the Washington DC District and the Eastern District of Virginia. So if you are wondering exactly why Jared Kushner, Felix Sater, Ivanka Trump, and a other key names are not on the list, it’s possible that it’s just because this subpoena was issued in one of the districts and not the other one. But since Robert Mueller is dragging almost every big name into the treason scandal, it’s a possibility that the others are just being subpoenaed in the other district. And again, who leaked this? Was it the recipient? Or did Robert Mueller himself leak it just to make these treasonous criminals panic?

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