Trump Supporter Alex Jones Attacks Anti-Gun Teens...Gets Punished in Worst Way Possible -
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Trump Supporter Alex Jones Attacks Anti-Gun Teens…Gets Punished in Worst Way Possible

The insane but influential conspiracy theorist, and friend of Trump, Alex Jones is paying a high price for verbally attacking the Parkland survivors.

Right after an exodus of NRA business partnerships, Trump friend Alex Jones is suffering his own backlash for attacking the teen survivors of the school shooting.

Jones was reprimanded recently for promoting the extremely offensive conspiracy theory that the survivors of the shooting are “crisis actors”. CNN contacted many of his advertisers for comment, and that’s how many of them found out their ads were on his videos.

As one would expect, many of those companies have stopped advertising on Jones’ crazy-ass Youtube channel.

“Several brands expressed concern about the ads’ placement to CNN and said they have reached out to YouTube about the situation,” CNN explained.

Sunday, Jones posted a long response, claiming in typical paranoid style that he was a victim of a “free speech crackdown.”

As well as a spreader of idiotic conspiracy theories (this is the guy who says the government is turning the frogs gay) Jones is also a longtime ally of Trump, whom he has repeatedly praised. Trump even had a lengthy Islamophobic interview with Alex Jones in the presidential campaign. And Alex Jones has claimed to regularly talk with Trump on the phone.

Jones is in the unpleasant company of the pro-murder NRA, which has also smeared the Parkland teen survivors. Due to those despicable actions, many businesses have ended their partnerships with the organization.

Americans are sick of gun violence, and they are for the young victims, not the NRA. Advertisers fleeing Alex Jones and the NRA represents an encouraging sign that the teens’ peaceful message is getting through.

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