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Report: Trump Set to Lose Coveted Honor

On Monday, it was reported that the faculty members at Lehigh University were talking about whether the college should take back Donald Trump’s degree.

Local news station WFMZ reports that faculty members met to vote on rescinding Trump’s degree, given to him in 1988. They organized an online voting poll that got a 76% response rate.

83% of poll participants were in favor of taking away the adulterous racist’s honorary degree.

This decision had been pressed on the Board of Trustees for the last two weeks when finally “nearly 50 of Lehigh’s 471 faculty members approved a motion to hold an electronic vote for the entire teaching body to vote on whether to rescind the degree”

University officials said, “Trump’s behavior goes against the character and standards of the Lehigh community.”

WFMZ said that the online poll’s results will be given to the school’s Board of Trustees so they can make a final decision about whether they will take back Trump’s honorary degree.

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