Robert Mueller Just Revealed How He Will Tear Apart Donald Trump and His Presidency -
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Robert Mueller Just Revealed How He Will Tear Apart Donald Trump and His Presidency

Special Counsel Mueller is deep in the process of slicing up Paul Manafort like a ham. There is simply no other way of putting it. Mueller has finally exposed Manafort’s decades of despicable crimes, some as ominous as a Conspiracy against the United States, some as routine as obstruction of justice, some as greed-driven as money laundering, and some as specific as the defrauding of a single New York City drug store. Watch closely, because you’re seeing the prequel to what’s coming for more of Trump’s goons.

Because of the many different charges against Paul Manafort, we have much more knowledge about the types of crimes that Robert Mueller has been looking into these past months. Does anybody really think that Mueller had his team spend all that time and go through all that trouble just to dig up every past and present crime that was committed by a puppet like Manafort, and that he isn’t doing the very same thing to the disgusting orange racist, Donald Trump?

We know that all of Trump’s real estate projects were money laundering clearing houses for both foreign and domestic criminals. Several of Trump’s largest projects were in conjunction with a snake named Felix Sater, convicted of laundering millions for the Russian mafia years ago, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casinos were caught in early 2015 after they spent several years helping along money laundering. It’s why Trump has gotten all the funding that he’s gotten, even while he has a terrible record as a businessman. It’s also why he has bankrupted so many of his properties once they have outlived their helpfulness to his criminal friends.

President Trump and Manafort lived parallel lives. They have spent decades moving money back and forth with horrible criminals all over the world, and consistently getting away with it – until now – simply because they didn’t face the intense scrutiny that results from being responsible for a rigged presidential election. Special Counsel Mueller will charge Trump with all the things he just charged Manafort with and more, including every dollarof financial fraud, every single instance of obstruction of justice, and every single time he conspired with the Russians against the United States. Donald Trump will be ultimately be indicted on several hundred criminal charges. Paul Manafort is just the warm-up.

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