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The Real Reason Why Donald Trump Jr. Will End Up in Jail

If you have been waiting for confirmation that things will end badly for Donald Trump Jr regarding his father’s Russia scandal, it seems like we have received that confirmation today. The news has to do more with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr’s awful brother-in-law Jared Kushner, but it tells us how this is all going to end.

Mueller has spent the past several days making one strategic move after another. He indicted several Russians for conspiring to fix the election in Trump’s favor, to legally establish that there was a full-blown criminal conspiracy, so he can then charge Americans for being a part of that conspiracy. He got Rick Gates to snitch on Paul Manafort, who will now have to snitch on the Trump family. Mueller signaled today that he is cleverly targeting Kushner for a plea deal, doing so when he leaked to CNN that he is going after Jared Kushner’s Russia-connected bank loans. But how does this involve Donald Trump Jr?

The short answer is that Jared Kushner may cut a plea deal against Donald Trump. Since Mueller has signaled to Kushner that he must choose quickly before he is arrested, we will have our answer soon about which way Kushner goes with it. But if Robert Mueller is going to put Trump’s son-in-law in prison if he doesn’t make a deal, then Mueller will also throw Trump’s son in prison if he won’t cut a deal.

So unless you believe Donald Trump Jr is will send his father to prison, it means that Donald Trump Jr is going to prison. Since Robert Mueller has now legally established a Russian criminal conspiracy to steal the election, it’ll be easy to put away Junior for having worked with that criminal conspiracy when he (by his admission in an email) met up with the Russian government to illegally get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

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