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We Now Have Evidence That Donald Trump is Trying Get Rid of Jared and Ivanka

On the weekend, Robert Mueller made a flurry of major moves in the Trump-Russia treason scandal, against criminals from Rick Gates and Paul Manafort to the Russians. Then, Monday, Mueller made it clear via the media that his next move will be against Jared Kushner. And now, it looks like Trump is trying to shove Kushner (and Ivanka) out of the White House back door.

We’ve all figured out exactly why the Trump White House tried so hard to cover up the Rob Porter domestic violence scandal. They did not want it to come out that Rob Porter’s past meant that he’d been working without having a permanent security clearance, since so many other people – such as Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump – hadn’t been able to get proper security clearances as well. The scandal came out regardless, and Friday, John Kelly tried to make the scandal disappear.

Kelly announced that by this Friday, every White House employee who’s spent several months attempting and failing to get a permanent security clearance will be fired. This is unbelievable, because as Rachel Maddow mentioned on-air last night, this means Kelly just announced the upcoming firing of Jared and Ivanka. Because this is being done for PR reasons, Kelly could have framed the issue differently so that Jared and Ivanka won’t be affected by it. But instead he’s clearly including them in the group he says he’s going to fire. Kelly is on such thin ice right now that he wouldn’t try something like this without Traitor Trump’s approval.

So now we’re dealing with two key questions here. Now We Have Evidence That Donald Trump is Trying Get Rid of Jared and Ivanka? Second, is this Donald Trump’s way of kicking Kushner out of the building, when Robert Mueller is obviously targeting Kushner for a plea deal against Trump? President Stupid is so bad with these things, it could go nowhere. But this does not feel like a coincidence. Stay tuned.

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