Trump Claims Innocence...Robert Mueller Responds to Quickly Set the Record Straight -
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Trump Claims Innocence…Robert Mueller Responds to Quickly Set the Record Straight

After Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said today that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had gotten grand jury indictments on thirteen Russians who helped to rig the election in Donald Trump’s favor, Trump shot back by lying that the indictments exonerated him. It took only a few hours for Mueller to call Trump out through the media, and setting the record straight.

According to the indictments, the Trump campaign was not knowingly working with these 13 Russians in particular. Trump seized his chance to lie about this, promptly tweeting “The Trump campaign did nothing wrong – no collusion!” Not even close, Mr. Stupid President. Donald Trump Jr has been caught saying in emails that he knowingly worked with the Russian government to try to change the outcome of the election. Several other key Trump advisers were in that meeting, or held similar meetings with the Russians.

Robert Mueller has rarely spoken up in this investigation, never with his own voice, and only sometimes through the media. So it’s significant that, less than an hour after Traitor Trump’s misleading tweet, Mueller got the word to the media that he is still investigating Trump-Russia collusion. “Collusion” isn’t a legal term. The question here is whether Traitor Trump and his puppets broke specific laws by conspiring with Russians to change the outcome of the election. We know the answer is “yes.” Now, Mueller will prove it.

Robert Mueller wasn’t willing to let Donald Trump’s lying tweet stand on its own. On a day when Rod Rosenstein, the guy who is in charge of the Mueller investigation, made sure to hold a press conference just to ensure these Russian indictments got enough press, Mueller then ensured that that Trump’s lie about “no collusion” got promptly called out. Mueller isn’t merely playing offense now; he’s doing it in public.

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