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Sarah Huckabee Gets Blasted on CNN for ‘Weasel Words’

On Tuesday, former government ethics chief Walter Shaub blasted the White House’s shameful response to the domestic abuse that resulted in the resignation of an aide last week, by accurately accusing press secretary and compulsive liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders of using “weasel words” to avoid the specifics of the case.

“Those weasel words she was using were sure getting a workout in both her presentation and [deputy press secretary] Raj Shah’s,” Shaub explained on CNN’s “New Day.”

“They’re entitled to zero benefit of the doubt when they won’t share details, because … it’s not that they can’t, it’s that they won’t,” he said.

Porter resigned last week it came to light that he had physically and emotionally abused his two ex-wives. Photos also started circulating showing one of the women with a black eye that was a result of Porter’s abuse.

Shaub’s comments came after a press briefing Monday where Sanders refused to discuss what White House officials knew about the staff secretary Rob Porter’s wife-beating before he resigned last week.

The White House scrambled to contain the fallout from Rob Porter’s resignation, especially once media reports said that senior officials, such as chief of staff John Kelly and White House counsel Don McGahn, knew all about the wife-beating months before the resignation.

People also wonder how Porter was able to serve for over a year in a position that needed him to deal with classified material despite not getting a full security clearance.

Shaub, who is a frequent critic of President Trump, resigned from his job as director of the Office of Government Ethics back in July. During his time in that post, he repeatedly fought with the Trump administration over conflicts of interest.

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