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Trump’s Chief of Staff Caught Up in a New Scandal

Remember when the retired military General John Kelly was supposedly the guy who would come in and clean up Donald Trump’s scandalous and terribly run White House? This always seemed unlikely, considering Kelly’s overtly racist tendencies toward non-white immigrants while he was running Homeland Security. In the months that he’s been the White House Chief of Staff, we’ve seen Kelly make one hateful racist remark after another. Now it turns out Kelly is even more of a piece of crap – he doesn’t care when women are beaten up by their significant other.

After the it was reported that White House aide Rob Porter had beaten up two ex-wives, and a judge had seen enough evidence to give a restraining order to one of the women, Porter resigned his job on Wednesday. This isn’t supposed to happen in the White House. There are many background checks and other processes set up to prevent someone who committed these crimes from holding such an important job. But this wasn’t the typical Trump White House incompetence/idiocy.

John Kelly knew that Porter’s ex-wife had a protective restraining order against him before he hired him, according to Politico, and Kelly let the guy to have the job anyway. No decent human being would hire a guy with that kind of record. It risks the personal safety of female employees. This guy’s past was  so much of a problem that he couldn’t even obtain the proper security clearance for his position, yet Kelly seemed to believe it was a great idea to have him working in the White House.

And John Kelly is still siding with Porter. He had White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders say that Porter was not pressured into his resignation, which would have been perfectly appropriate given Porter’s crimes against women. Then Kelly gave a statement of his own, lying that Porter is “a man of true integrity and honor.” Later, Kelly gave a different statement siding with domestic abuse victims. Too late, it’s obvious he doesn’t care. Kelly is a despicable racist who sides with guys whose ex-wives have protective restraining orders against them. John Kelly just as awful as Donald Trump, and that’s really saying something because Trump is total scum. No wonder they’ve stuck together.

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