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Mike Pence Scurries to Discount White House Staff Scandal

Mike Pence doesn’t care if his employees beat their wives and girlfriends.

Mike Pence’s backwards sense of morality won’t let him to be alone with any woman without his wife there too, but leads him to call a roiling domestic abuse scandal as just a “White House staffing matter.”

Traitor Trump and all his highest-ranking officials rushed to defend the now-ousted White House senior staffer, Rob Porter, against the fallout from the many beatings Porter gave two ex-wives and one girlfriend.

Chief of staff John Kelly gave a statement reiterating his support of Porter, but said that he was “shocked” by the abuse, and the White House cut Porter loose after  stating that he would stay just to ease the transition.

But just hours after those developments, Pence couldn’t come up with a syllable of outrage for the violence that Porter committed, and for which there are many photographs.

During a press mob at Yokota Air Force Base on Wednesday, Pence was prompted to comment on the scandal and the damning fact that the White House knew about the woman-beating when Porter had an FBI background check in February 2017 when he first joined the administration.

Pence shamelessly tried to change the subject. “We’re standing at Yokota Air Force Base in Japan; we’re on our way to the Olympics.”

Pence said that he learned “of those developments” that very morning. “And so we’ll comment on any issues affecting White House staff when we get back to Washington.”

Another journalist asked Pence why he “often seem[s] a little bit out of the loop of some of this major news.”

Pence didn’t even answer the question, and sounded like a total jackass. “You know, it’s a great honor for me to serve as vice president,” Pence responded, not really saying anything.

“President Trump has been incredibly generous with the responsibilities and opportunities he’s given me to serve, representing the United States on the foreign stage, as we have here in Japan, as we will later today in South Korea, and of course at the Olympics, and also being involved in the legislative process. And I’m very grateful for that,” he said in the classic “soulless politician who will lie to your face” maneuver.

He finished, “But we’ll leave those White House staffing matters for when we get back to Washington.”

The fact that Mike Pence doesn’t care if women are physically attacked is pretty alarming, even by Trump administration standards.

But his possible lie about not knowing Porter’s history highlights a deeper issue for Pence, who led the transition that brought on Porter and should have known that the FBI had flagged his security clearance.

Pence has made a career out of “being left out of the loop”, saying that he knew nothing of Michael Flynn’s foreign contacts, even though he’d been warned about them by Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD). “Pence” is missing from many thousands of transition team emails that cover the time during which Flynn, and Porter, were hired.

Trump’s entire administration is responsible for defending Porter after these allegations surfaced, but Pence’s hypocrisy is worse given his lies about his moral purity, and the likelihood that he is lying about not knowing about Porter’s woman-beating from the start.

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