GOP Faces Huge Dilemma in Mid-Term Elections...Will Likely Lose Majority if They Choose Wrong -
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GOP Faces Huge Dilemma in Mid-Term Elections…Will Likely Lose Majority if They Choose Wrong

This year’s battleground map is expanding into red states.

Passing a Republican tax bill in late 2107 has done nothing to help the GOP’s chances in the approaching midterm elections. At the same time, Democrats continue to raise far more money than Republicans, as the party expands the map of competitive elections in the House to 101 races.

The bipartisan Cook Political Report updated the status of 21 House races and shifted the needle in all 21 races towards the Democrats.

Republicans, with the difficult task of facing voters who demand accountability for Donald Trump in November, have been behind the Democrats in terms of fundraising for several months. And the trend keeps getting worse for the party of racism and stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

“Despite the myriad advantages of incumbency and control of Congress, there are more House members with less cash on hand than their Democratic challengers than the quarter before,” reports Politico.

Indeed, over 40 House Republican incumbents were outraised in the last quarter of 2017 by their Democratic challengers.

“This is going to be the most challenging political environment since 2006,” predicts GOP consultant Mike DuHaime.

In 2006, Republicans lost 31 House seats. If Republicans lose 24 seats again this November, Democrat will win control of the chamber.

Feeling bold, Democratic strategists are expanding their battleground districts to 101. It’s the Democrat’s most ambitious campaign strategy in a decade.

That’s one reason that so many Republicans are opting out of running this cycle — they don’t see a way to win against the Democrats. A record number have  announced they will not run for re-election this year.

The GOP is having problems not only recruiting strong candidates in various districts, but even recruiting sane candidates in certain districts. In Illinois, an proud Nazi and white supremacist will likely become a GOP congressional nominee just because he is the only Republican willing to run.

However, “Democrats are now fielding candidates in all but 12 of the 238 districts held by Republicans,” reports NBC, “including in places like Alabama, where Democrats are competing in every single district for the first time in years.”

Election experts keep seeing the pendulum swing towards the Democrats.

While announcing its new race ratings, the Cook Political Report said, “If anything, that still understates Democrats’ potential in individual races.”

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