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Thousands Donate to Paul Ryan’s Rival Following His Stupid Tweet

Paul Ryan was humiliated after bragging that the Republican tax cuts saved a secretary $1.50 a week. Now he is being humiliated all over again.

Corporate puppet and House Speaker Paul Ryan had a difficult weekend.

On Saturday, Ryan attempted to dispute the fact that the GOP tax bill was a government handout to corporations and billionaires paid for by the middle class, by idiotically tweeting about a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, high school secretary whose after-tax pay increased by $1.50 a week. It was a patronizing remark that drew instant backlash and prompted him to delete the tweet in humiliation.

However, the internet is forever, and activists quickly made the $1.50 pay raise a rallying cry to support his Democratic opponent, the Racine ironworker and union leader Randy Bryce.

A spokesperson from Bryce’s office, speaking to Shareblue Media, said, “From Saturday through 1 p.m. on Sunday, we raised $130,000 from 10,600 contributions.” 5,100 of those contributions were $1.50.

It is obvious that Ryan’s laughable attempt to lie that the tax scam would benefit the middle class has backfired right in his stupid face.

Ryan is desperate for the scam tax bill, which was rushed through Congress without regular order and without a single Democratic vote, to somehow be a political win at a time when House Republicans are gravely threatened. He even attempted to claim Democrats are only criticizing the despicable partisan abuses of House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes as a trick to distract from the imaginary benefits working people are receiving.

The benefits he is bragging about are minimal at best. Very few companies are giving permanent pay raises to employees because of the tax bill. Some are giving one-time bonus checks that are actually smaller than the forecasted increase in health insurance premiums that the tax cuts will cause. And some corporations, such as Kimberly-Clark and Harley-Davidson, are actually taking advantage of the tax cuts to lay people off.

If Ryan believes working people ought to celebrate a tax benefit of $1.50 a week, it makes sense that many of them would be spending that money on getting him out of office.

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