More Than 12 Subpoenas to Be Delivered to Many in Trump-Russia Scandal -
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More Than 12 Subpoenas to Be Delivered to Many in Trump-Russia Scandal

For several days now, most of the Trump-Russia focus has been on the pathetic Devin Nunes memo stunt and the fallout for Traitor Trump. But something far more important has been playing out behind the scenes. Over a dozen new subpoenas will soon be handed down in Donald Trump’s Russia treason scandal, as the investigation keeps closing in on him.

Congressman Elijah Cummings, who is the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, requested that Chairman Trey Gowdy sign thirteen separate subpoenas. They are aimed at many of the typical suspects: Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, Brad Parscale, Deutsche Bank, and a few others. The point is the timing. Cummings gave this request to Gowdy the same day that the Nunes memo was released, and just a day after Gowdy announced that he is retiring from Congress at the end of his term. Cummings saw an opening, and he’s guessed correctly.

Gowdy agreed to let the committee vote on the subpoenas, a sign that they’re going to happen. If Gowdy was going to block them, he would have simply blocked the vote. Gowdy is preparing to retire from Congress and he is praising Special Counsel Robert Mueller every day, for reasons only he knows. For whatever reason he’s playing things carefully, attempting to toe the line. Now he’s caving in to Cummings on the Trump-Russia scandal, which indicates that to some extent the Democrats now control the fate of the House Oversight Committee investigation.

This is important because up to now, Trey Gowdy had refused to allow the committee to investigate and expose Donald Trump’s Russia treason scandal. So even as Robert Mueller keeps moving in on Trump from a criminal angle, Cummings is in position to publicly expose the whole scandal, which will help to take Traitor Trump down in the court of public opinion.

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