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Obama Backed Group Targeting GOP Redistricting in Key States

A Democratic group led by former Attorney General Eric Holder is working to challenge Republicans in several state elections in order to win back control of state redistricting, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

The National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which is an organization backed by former President Barack Obama, is targeting key battleground states before the 2018 elections, funneling cash into elections for governorships, legislative seats and many other state offices, reports the Times.

Holder informed the newspaper the group will key in on the “trifecta” states where Republicans have control of both the governorship and the entire state legislature. Such a power position allows Republicans to redistrict their congressional maps with almost no Democratic interference.

“From my perspective, success is if you break a trifecta,” Holder said to the Times. “I don’t think that in December of 2018, you measure success only by whether you have assumed control of a particular state.”

The Democratic effort comes as the war over gerrymandering heats up across the nation.

The Supreme Court turned down a request on Monday to stop a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling for state legislators to redraw its map because of Republican-led gerrymandering.

On Tuesday, the court said that it would not handle a case from North Carolina where a district court decided that the state had discriminated against the voters who were intelligent enough to not support Republican candidates.

Holder told the Times that he’d take a hands-on approach in crucial races, and that he and Obama would fight to mobilize African-American voters in the battleground states.

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