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A Day From Hell for Donald Trump

Donald Trump has had so many terrible days so far in his illegitimate presidency that it’s surprising he hasn’t given up. Trump has a historically low approval rating, he has a legislative agenda which is composed of an incredibly unpopular tax scam and nothing else, a Russia scandal that’s about to destroy him, marital problems because he’s a no good cheating pig, health problems, and some early signs of dementia. If that isn’t bad enough, Monday may have been his worst day yet.


Trump entered Monday in a deep hole. His Nunes memo stunt backfired spectacularly on him on Friday while the stock market was freefalling, and then on the weekend almost all of his Republican allies hung him out to dry on the memo. President Stupid needed a big win Monday. So how did it go? Well, the stock market suffered its largest single-day loss in history, and that’s not even the worst part. He’s been bragging obnoxiously about the stock market ever since he stole his way into office. Now he can’t even do that, and here come a busload of controversies and scandals.


The federal government will soon be shut down for the second time in only a month on Trump’s incompetent watch. Most Americans blamed him and his party for the shutdown last time around, so they’ll do it again this time, except it will be even more embarrassing. Rather than trying to work with the Democrats, he spent the whole day falsely and ironically accusing them of treason on Twitter. He’s too angry and mixed up to talk his way out of this. But it gets worse.


Since Donald Trump’s idiotic memo stunt has failed miserably, he’s even closer to needing to either grant an interview to Robert Mueller or use the Fifth Amendment. He’s desperate to avoid doing either of those, and yet he’s moving straight into it. This might be his worst day so far, but far worse days for this awful man are coming soon.

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