Surprising List of Those Next to Be Arrested by Mueller in Trump- Russia Scandal -
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Surprising List of Those Next to Be Arrested by Mueller in Trump- Russia Scandal

Donald Trump just took a huge swing and miss with the Devin Nunes memo. It was a pathetic last ditch attempt at defending against the Trump-Russia investigation, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller gets ready to try to force Traitor Trump to testify in the scandal. Four of Trump’s cronies have been arrested so far. Now that we’re getting close to the end of the obstruction investigation, watch for these people to be arrested next:

Jared Kushner: Michael Flynn wouldn’t have been offered such a lenient plea deal unless he gave compelling evidence against a bigger fish. Flynn and Kushner met up with the Russian Ambassador in the transition period. Kushner then had a meeting with the head of a Russian bank, even while Flynn worked with the Ambassador in a conspiracy against the United States. It’s very likely Flynn has given Mueller enough evidence to doom Kushner, and that he will be arrested immediately after Trump chooses whether or not to give an interview to Mueller. That is, if Kushner doesn’t make a deal against Trump first.

Donald Trump Jr: Mueller is very focused on Junior’s traitorous meeting with the Russian government in the election. He has been caught admitting in an email that he wanted dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russians, which is a serious crime against the United States. Unless he makes a deal against his father, which seems extremely unlikely, he will be arrested.

Hope Hicks: There’s a degree of legal jeopardy for anyone on Donald Trump’s staff who talked about covering up Junior’s meeting with Russia. Mueller now has the testimony of the former Trump legal spokesman Mark Corallo, and he insists that Hope Hicks in promised to suppress or get rid of the email evidence of Junior’s guilt. Mueller is focusing on obstruction of justice charges, so unless Hope Hicks cuts a deal, there isn’t any doubt she’ll be arrested.

Devin Nunes: He has spent the past year repeatedly attempting to obstruct justice in order to derail the Trump-Russia investigation. His motivation is that he was on the Trump transition team. Michael Flynn told the transition team of his illegal conspiracy with the Russian Ambassador. Mueller has all the transition team emails. He knows exactly what role Nunes played. This is why Nunes keeps acting in such strange ways. His memo ensures that he’ll be arrested for obstruction of justice.

Remember that arrests are dependent on grand jury indictments or probable cause, and they are not proof of guilt. The innocence or guilt of all the Republicans arrested in the Trump-Russia scandal will have to be decided by a judge and jury, unless of course a plea deal is reached first. So far, two of the four people that were arrested in the Trump-Russia scandal agreed to plea deals, with a third one currently in negotiations to do the same.

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