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‘America Has Made A Huge Mistake’ Electing Trump, According To His Own Lawyer

Attorney Thomas Wells has a message to America. His experience and insider access to Trump has earned him the voice of knowledge that is warning us about the man in the oval office: He’s a bully and you don’t want him as president.

In an op-ed for Huffington Post, Wells observes the issues surrounding Trump’s character and neuroses. Wells gained his insights into Trump’s mind while working with him on a shopping center project, Trump Centre, back in the 1980s. Wells’ observed Trump’s extreme arrogance and his tactics of bullying to dominate others. He also had the pleasure of the many stories from Trump about all the women who threw themselves at him, as if to bolster his apparent lack of healthy self-esteem.

Here are Wells’ own words:

“I have thought about this a lot…To me, it is more about character than politics. Because of lack of the former, the latter ― the actual politics of Donald Trump ― are not that easy to discern.

Once I got going with my reasons why Donald would not be good for our country, it was hard to stop. I did stop, however, when I hit 20, about 4,000 words from here. Read on if you are interested.”

He lists the first 6 of his reasons based on his personal experiences working with Trump. It should not surprise you if these first six observations are ones you have made yourself as you have watched him in the public spotlight. If you have the stomach for it, you can read the rest here.

  1. The man lies all the time. “not a shred of truth.”
  2. It is actually not all about the candidate. “His ego seems to know no bounds. When Donald feels insulted by someone, he obsesses without control.
  3. US Presidents are not by design kings. “The Constitution requires the president to share the power.”
  4. The Devil is in the details. “His policy slogans don’t actually say anything.”
  5. Words matter.  “Everything is not a “disaster,” “stupid” or a “disgrace.” Neither is it “tremendous,” “huge,” “fantastic” or “amazing.” Everyone is not a “loser,” “low energy” or a “bimbo.” Talk of former presidents being liars ― or his favorite, “a disaster” ― and foreign dictators being great leaders does not advance the discourse.”
  6. The new vocabulary we are adjusting to is not a good one. Xenophobe (intense dislike or fear of people from foreign countries); misogynist (strong prejudice against women); nativist (preference for established inhabitants as opposed to immigrants); fascist (authoritarian and dictatorial); bigot (intolerance for those with a different opinion); demagogue (inflaming passions based on popular desires not on rationale arguments); dystopian (describing a place, typically totalitarian, where everything is unpleasant and squalid); racist (oh, you know what this one is).

Wells goes on to list 20 more compelling reasons, and closes with a call to action for the American people:

“We can do so much better…(than) the abyss that is Donald Trump.”

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