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FBI Gets Even With Donald Trump After Firing

Here’s what Traitor Trump gained by annoying FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe so much that he retired today: nothing. Literally nothing, besides his temporary satisfaction at meaninglessly blowing off steam by getting rid of a guy that he had tricked himself into thinking was out to get him. Andrew McCabe had absolutely nothing to do with the Russia investigation. Trump may as well have kicked out Andrew Lloyd Webber. However, Trump did accomplish  something: he unwittingly let someone far more powerful take McCabe’s place.

No offense to Mr. McCabe, who is a good career agent. But he’d been discussing retirement for awhile. He would have been gone soon enough purely by his own choice, and he was not a threat to Trump in the mean time. But Trump blew it. Back when he attempted to get FBI Director Christopher Wray to fire McCabe, and succeeded in forcing Wray to fire FBI General Counsel James Baker, Wray respond defiantly. He quickly replaced Baker with Dana Boente, the ex-U.S. Attorney whom Trump had just forced out of that job. Boente assisted the Feds with the prosecution of Michael Flynn, ultimately leading to Flynn’s plea deal. Trump hates Boente. Wray picked Boente for that reason.

Wray threatened to resign if Trump attempted to force him to fire McCabe. This forced Trump to back down. That informed Wray that Trump had no political muscle left. It’s why Wray knew that he could get away with hiring Boente. Now that Trump has finally managed to annoy McCabe into retiring, Wray is really taking Trump’s legs out. Wray has chosen David Bowdich to take McCabe’s place. If you study Bowditch’s history and specialties, he’s definitely the ideal guy to go after Traitor Trump.

Also, because Donald Trump just ran off Andrew McCabe for phony reasons, he can’t run off his replacement David Bowdich. And because Trump recently ran off James Baker in bad faith, he can’t afford to get rid of his replacement Dana Boente. These two new guys are in a powerful position to help bury Trump, and he has no power over them. FBI Director Wray picked them because he knows that Trump can’t touch him either. If Donald Trump were smart, he would have simply left McCabe alone – but he’s too stupid.

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