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Now We Know Why Donald Trump’s Inner Circle Tried to Suppress Document

For weeks, some Republican allies of Donald Trump in Congress have been blabbing about a memo from Devin Nunes which supposedly (but not really) exposes the Trump-Russia investigation as a mere partisan witch hunt. Now we’re finally seeing some of the specific contents of the memo. It’s now clear why even Trump’s own Department of Justice wants to keep the memo from being released: it’s a pathetic joke.

The central “revelation” in the memo is that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein approved extending an existing FISA surveillance warrant on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, reports the New York Times . Wait, what? Are you kidding? Page has publicly admitted that he is associated with Russian spies in recent years. Why in the world wouldn’t there be surveillance on him?

Further, this helps vindicate the Department of Justice’s Obama-era choice to begin surveilling Page. In fairness to Page, he claims he never did anything illegal while interacting with Russian spies, he’s cooperated with the Feds before, and he’s not facing any current criminal charges. But now that we are aware the Trump-era DOJ moved to extend the Obama-era surveillance of Carter Page, we know that two different administrations thought there was justification for monitoring him. This, however, is not about Page. This is about Nunes and Trump.

Now we finally know why the people with strong legal minds in the Donald Trump administration do not want the Devin Nunes memo being released to the public: it’s a joke. The legal experts in the media will pick it apart in minutes, and it will further cement Nunes’ antics in the last year as being hyper-partisan and deceitful in nature. Nunes will soon end up in prison for obstruction of justice. What’s surprising is that, by all accounts, Trump does want idiotic memo released; he appears to think that this nonsense somehow makes him look like less of an idiot.

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