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Like Father Like Daughter…Ivanka Trump Displays Racism at Dinner Party

Donald Trump is the most racist member of his generation. From the start, his unfortunate foray into politics has been a white supremacist movement dedicated to demonizing Mexicans, Muslims, immigrants, and pretty much all other nonwhite people. He often tweets racist things about black Americans. He stands up for neo-Nazis. His daughter Ivanka Trump speaks more carefully, but sometimes we’re reminded that Ivanka is every bit as racist as her horrible father is.

This time Ivanka had a Spanish-American chef kicked out of a dinner party, simply for being a Puerto Rican activist. Here is how Jorge Guajardo, who is the former Mexican Ambassador to China, described on Twitter how it all went down: “In a new low for Washington, yesterday Chef Jose Andres was asked to leave the Alfalfa dinner after-party at Cafe Milano by its owner, Franco Nuschesse, apparently because his presence made Ivanka Trump uncomfortable.”

Guajardo then said: “Ivanka walked in ahead of him, not comfortable with his presence. Already inside. He’s approached and asked to come outside where Franco, who he knows perfectly well for many years, wants to talk to him. Once outside, he’s not allowed back in. At the Alfalfa dinner, Franco came up to Jose Andres and gave him a friendly kiss. A little later he would be asked to do the Trump’s dirty work and, like Judas, betray an old friend. I’ve been to Cafe Milano with Jose Andres and had the dinner comped by Franco, because they are friends. Now asked to do the Trump’s dirty work and kick him out.”

It’s time to boycott Cafe Milano until its owner changes his policies. Andres does in fact have a history of being a Trump antagonist, but by now, so do most Americans. Ivanka Trump should not be permitted to have Hispanic people kicked out of a restaurant because they make her “uncomfortable.” Rather, Ivanka Trump, along with her racist criminal family and Trump’s racist criminal administration, should be permanently banned from every respectable place of business and booed whenever they show their despicable faces in public.

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