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Paul Ryan in Danger of Losing Congressional Seat, Opponent’s Ad Going Viral

I hate to stereotype people, but Randy Bryce looks exactly like a Trump-supporting, blue-collar, “make American great again” kind of man.

But he’s not. Not even close.  Actually, Bryce is running for Congress. His opponent? Amoral Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

While I think that by itself should be enough to get him elected immediately, he’s still got an uphill election struggle.

In his campaign ad, he talks about healthcare with his mother, and shows his skill in crafting metal. His ad has already reached 700,000 views, which is rare for any politician unless they are running for president. “I knew that we would have a successful launch,” Bryce said to the Guardian on Thursday. “But I honestly did not have any kind of idea it would blow up as big as it has.”

Bryce has already earned a lot of popularity, particularly with Bernie Sanders supporters, but he faces Paul Ryan, who has been in his seat since 1999 and won his last election by 65%. However, Bryce is hopeful, especially with the rise of progressive politics initiated by Bernie Sanders. Bryce also talks about his desire to to be as close to his community as he can, because he helped build it…something Paul Ryan can’t say because he doesn’t give a crap about it. In an interview with Don Lemon, he stated that Paul Ryan hadn’t even been in the district in over 600 days.

As Democrats seek to unify and solidify a message besides “we’re not Trump,” Bryce’s message is refreshing and hopeful. The rest of the Democrats could stand to follow Bryce’s style moving forward.

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