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Sean Hannity Show Panned and He’s Not Taking it Very Well

Fox News host Sean Hannity, who dishonestly dismissed reports that President Trump sought to fire special counsel Robert Mueller by calling them distraction on Thursday, is ignorantly blaming criticism of his show on the lie that he’s not like the “sheep in their echo chamber,” his way of referring to the rest of the media.

Hannity criticized the Trump-Mueller news right after it was reported by The New York Times on Thursday night. The reports were confirmed by other media outlets, including Fox News, making Hannity look like a jackass.

I called my sources at the White House, I called an attorney for the president. Ty Cobb said he wasn’t going to comment,” Hannity stated on Friday on his radio show in comments that were highlighted by The Hollywood Reporter. “I am not going to ever, ever, ever use The New York Times as my source. I just refuse.”

Cobb is currently representing Trump in the Mueller probe.

Hannity said that the story became the media’s “fixation” on Thursday night, and the mainstream media “were too busy being the sheep in their echo chamber” to focus on the story of text messages sent between FBI agents that Hannity deceitfully argues show political bias in the investigation of Traitor Trump.

“The fact that I will never be like them, they just can’t seem to get over it,” he said about the media, even though he is the biggest sheep in all of mass media.

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