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Gov. Brown and California Set to Battle Trump

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed a statewide executive order on Friday aimed at dramatically raising the number of zero-emission vehicles on California’s roads and reducing carbon pollution over the next dozen years.

The state may soon be facing a fight with the Trump administration over its vehicle fuel standards. California under the Obama administration utilized a waiver to implement stricter state emissions standards than those mandated under federal law.

President Trump has ignorantly promised to ruin regulations and the compromised Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now considering changing the federal vehicle emissions standard.

The state will try to get 5 million zero-emission vehicles on California roads by 2030, which is a goal Brown announced at his State of the State speech on Thursday night. The executive order also mentions investing 1.25 billion dollars in cap-and-trade auction proceeds and another 2.5 billion dollar investment over eight years to create a quarter million vehicle-charging stations in the state by 2025.

“This executive order aims to curb carbon pollution from cars and trucks and boost the number of zero-emission vehicles driven in California,” said Brown on Friday. “In addition, the cap-and-trade investments will, in varying degrees, reduce California’s carbon footprint and improve the quality of life for all.”

California has taken huge steps to lower carbon emissions from transportation in the state. The transportation sector accounts for 50% of the greenhouse gases in California and 80% of the pollutants that cause smog.


EPA air and radiation leader Bill Wehrum announced at an event Thursday that the administration wants a unified national fuel emissions standard for all automobiles, which would challenge California’s stricter standard.

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