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Dan Rather Brilliantly Blows Up Trump’s ‘Stable Genius Theory’ With Just 2 Sentences

According to the legendary news anchor and journalist, Dan Rather, if Donald Trump were such a “genius,” he would have kept his mouth shut.

After sparking new discussions about his mental health after tweets about how his nuclear button is bigger than Kim Jong-Un’s, insecurely lashing out at Steve Bannon, and whining about a book written by Michael Wolff, Trump took to Twitter on Saturday morning to brag about how smart he is.

Hours later, Dan Rather commented on Trump’s bragging on Twitter and completely destroyed him.

“Dear Mr. President,” Rather said. “A good rule of thumb is that when you’ve got it, you don’t have to say it. People know. That holds true for wealth, compassion, faith, and yes, being a “very stable genius.”

And Rather is correct. Truly intelligent people do not have to brag about being intelligent. It’s already apparent and they know it would come off as insecure. Unfortunately for Trump, his intelligence is not apparent at all. In fact, he’s apparently pretty stupid. But Rather went beyond that. After all, Trump has also boasted about how rich he is (despite being in debt), insists that he cares deeply about people (he says racist and sexist things regularly), and claims to be deeply Christian (Pope Francis recently boldly claimed he is not Christian because of his views on immigration).

Trump’s net-worth has been questioned. He clearly cares more about the rich than he does about the sick and poor, since his tax bill provides trillions of dollars to rich individuals and corporations while merely giving the rest of us some temporary bread crumbs. His tax plan also ruined the Obamacare individual mandate.

Trump even messed up badly while trying to cite a book in the Bible to demonstrate that he has actually read it.

Dan Rather just showed that he is wise, something Trump, sadly, will never be.


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