GOP Just Tried to Protect Trump With Scapegoat Maneuver...FBI Blows Them Out of the Water -
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GOP Just Tried to Protect Trump With Scapegoat Maneuver…FBI Blows Them Out of the Water

Republicans attempted to scapegoat FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to protect Trump. The FBI just exposed that it was total nonsense.

Republicans have spent several weeks trying to trick people into thinking FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is biased, so as to undermine the credibility of a crucial figure in the ongoing Russia investigation.

This irresponsible harassment may be part of why he chose to retire in March.

But the FBI tweeted out proof that the smear campaign against McCabe is just another Republican lie.

The document linked in the tweet refers to the central accusations made by Donald Trump: As McCabe’s wife campaigned for state senate in Virginia with a $700,000 donation from Hillary Clinton ally Gov. Terry McAuliffe, McCabe was supposedly overseeing the investigation into Clinton’s emails.

But as the FBI form points out, “The timeline misstates when McCabe was promoted to Associate Deputy Director and makes invalid associations between the events.” McCabe was not leading the email investigation during his wife’s political run, and there was no conflict.

But the conflict of interest lied about by Republicans may only be a pretext. In a recent private meeting with the House Intelligence Committee, McCabe stated that he could corroborate the claims Trump had demanded “loyalty” from fired FBI Director James Comey.

So, this may not be about yet again attacking Clinton so much as protecting an orange, egomaniacal child-man named Donald Trump.

And according to the New York Times, many Republicans have happily done their best to push out McCabe, joining in the lies about him having a conflict of interest:

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), has called for McCabe’s ouster, saying he “ought to go for reasons of being involved in some of the things that took place in the previous administration. We want to make sure that there’s not undue political influence within the FBI — the [Justice] Department and the FBI.”

Republicans don’t judge people fit for their job with anything like objective facts. They instead use their partisan loyalties to attack people, including those who work in nonpartisan law enforcement agencies. And of course, lying in order to discredit decent people is no problem for a Republican.

And if people like McCabe are pushed out for posing a threat to Trump, the consequences for our future are dangerous.

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