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Here it Comes…Something BIG is About to Break

In the past day we’ve seen two key Republican Senators ruin their legacies and go on a crime spree in the name of trying to help Donald Trump and Russia. We’ve learned that Robert Mueller has converted at least one of Trump’s top White House advisers. We’ve witnessed one of Trump’s key campaign people have a freak-out and, purposely or accidentally, betray one of Trump’s kids. And the day isn’t even over. But none of these things fully explain each other, because there’s more coming.

Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham chose today to formally call for criminal charges to be brought against the Trump-Russia dossier author Christopher Steele, for no good reason, in an attempt at supporting Donald Trump and Russia and scaring off those working to expose Trump’s treasonous crimes. This is the kind pathetic desperation heave you would expect to see at the very end, when the whole Republican Party is about to get exposed and punished for having committed treason. Yet there’s no obvious reason why these two men have chosen today to sabotage their own careers.

It’s not simply to draw attention away from Michael Wolff’s famous insider book about the Trump administration, which is going to get the bulk of the headlines over the weekend no matter what. Something sketchy is going on here. Last night’s news about Reince Priebus having given his notes to Robert Mueller, and Jeff Sessions having been incriminated even more severely than we were expecting, felt like one of those stories that comes in stages. This was stage one. There’s a lot more coming. Throw in Brad Parscale’s meltdown today, which surprisingly pushed Eric Trump of all people to the center stage of the Trump-Russia election rigging conspiracy, and this day just got even more weirder.

So exactly what’s about to break? I don’t know! Today’s various jarring and jagged puzzle pieces don’t fit together, at least not in a way that we can put them together without knowing what we’re missing. Instead, these pieces just tell us that something historic is about to break – and it’s so ugly that every person from Trump’s campaign advisers to Republicans who criticized Trump in the past are now scrambling to counterattack against it before it lands. It most likely involves not just the Trump campaign and Trump family, but a lot of, or all of, the Republican Party. Stay tuned.

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