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This is Spy Novel Stuff: See How Robert Mueller is Un-Tangling the Trump-Russia Mystery

As the vicious attacks against Robert Mueller, his special counsel team and the FBI are geared up by a faction of defenders of President Trump, and the president strangely and angrily tweets that his own Justice Department is part of the “deep state” investigating him, let’s think about what is happening.

Once the Russians started their covert program seeking to rig the 2016 election in favor of Donald Trump, and to wage a cyber war, info war and spy war against American democracy that rages on today, a great battle began between Russia and America.

The Russian team is headed by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, who gives the orders and leads the Russian deep state operation that includes the descendants of the KGB and others who operate in secret in this assault on American democracy.

The American team is definitely not led by President Trump, who refers to the investigations of the Russian attack as fake news, has repeatedly fired the leaders of investigations of the Russian attack, and has even criticized or outright attacked agencies of the U.S. government whose officers and agents are fighting on behalf of the American team against Russia.

For practical purposes, the current leader of the Americans is Robert Mueller, who is helped by a dedicated team of patriotic professionals in various government agencies that are defending America against foreign attacks by hostile enemy nations — in this case, Russia.

What’s happening is that there was an aggressive and multi-faceted operation by the Russian team to infiltrate and influence the Trump team for the benefit of Russian interests.

Robert Mueller and his special counsel team, and the Senate Intelligence Committee, are looking into first the scope and magnitude of the Russian operation and second, whether there was anyone linked with Trump who was acting in concert with the offensive by the Russian deep state against America.

Robert Mueller is working with agencies of the U.S. government who defend our security to unravel exactly what the Russians were doing, how they were doing it, and whether — or not — there were any Americans working with the Russians while they did it. Once he pins down the facts, Mueller will decide how to apply the law, a process that has started with cases now pending.

Those defenders of Trump who attack Mueller or the FBI should give honest consideration to exactly what they are doing and the effects of their words and actions, which hurt the key players on the American team who are defending our nation from a foreign attack.

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