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Apparently Steve Bannon Just ‘Made a Deal’ with Robert Mueller

Yesterday I wondered if Steve Bannon had perhaps made a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Then, this morning Bannon’s own words indicated otherwise, until it turned out his words are actually several months old. I’ve spent all day trying to determine if Bannon has cut a deal or not, and Democratic Senator Mark Warner just confirmed it, by not answering the two most important questions involved.

This morning we found out that Steve Bannon has admitted that the Trump-Russia scandal is “treasonous” in nature. There is no way he would be talking in public about the scandal if he’s already made a plea deal, because he wouldn’t be allowed to. Then we were told that Bannon provided the quotes several months ago, for a book that’s just now coming out. This might mean that Bannon cut a deal in the months since he blabbed to the book author. Then Mark Warner came into play.

Senator Warner, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee looking into the Trump-Russia scandal, went on Meet The Press Daily on Wednesday afternoon. Chuck Todd asked why Steve Bannon hasn’t yet been summoned before the committee, when so many other key players have already testified. Warner laughed and refused to answer. Todd then asked whether Bannon’s words mean that he should be summoned to the committee. Once again, Warner avoided the question, only saying that Bannon’s words must be proven or disproven.

Under almost any circumstances, the Democrats looking into the Trump-Russia treason would be seizing upon Steve Bannon’s words, pointing to it as the best proof yet of the severity of the scandal, and insisting that Bannon come in and testify. There is only one reason why Democrats would not want Bannon coming in to testify – if he has already cut a deal. Warner tacitly confirmed that Bannon has cut a deal. There’s no longer any real doubt.

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