Report: Donald Trump Has Been Caught Red-Handed for 'Illegal' Acts With Foreign Governments -
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Report: Donald Trump Has Been Caught Red-Handed for ‘Illegal’ Acts With Foreign Governments

Donald Trump is accepting monetary gifts from foreign governments in the form of favors and actions benefiting his international resorts, corrupting every international decision made in the White House.

Foreign governments are fearlessly funneling millions of dollars to Donald Trump and expecting big favors from his White House by utilizing his international hotels and resorts as a cover for bribery.

McClatchy has discovered a series of transactions between foreign governments and the Trump Organization that have taken place over the first year of his presidency.

The findings include governments in Indonesia and Panama choosing to either build roads or construct sewers that are specifically tailored to benefit Trump-branded resorts in those countries.

The news outlet also reports that “in other countries, governments have donated public land, approved permits and eased environmental regulations for Trump-branded developments.”

The Trump Organization has business in almost two dozen foreign countries. Ethics experts say that such gifts from foreign governments that directly help Trump’s business, and therefore Trump himself, are actually a gift to the president of the United States.

And that breaks the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which forbids federal officials like Trump from accepting gifts from foreign governments.

These entities can give these gifts because Trump actively decided to ignore presidential tradition and keep in place his connection to the Trump Organization. All other presidents, of both parties, have honorably put their private holdings in a blind trust or sold them off once they entered the presidency.

Trump has done neither, so when money goes into Trump properties, it goes right into his personal bank account.

The money is tainted, and therefore taints the decisions he makes from the Oval Office. Only a brainwashed Trump supporter would deny the linkage between a foreign government gift to the Trump Organization and any action from the Trump White House involving those same nations.

The effect is governments working hard to make money for Trump, using his properties as a front for shoveling money his way, rather than just dumping a bag of money at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trump has benefitted before from a similar arrangement. An investigation from Global Witness showed that Trump got millions of dollars from Colombian drug cartels who laundered money through his developments in Panama. That started in 2011 when Trump took his hotel development business overseas.

Now, thanks to his place in the White House, the corruption is involving the U.S. government at the top level, while Trump personally benefits and corrupts every move that the country makes.

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